Monday, May 2, 2016

May 2, 2016

Hey Yall This week was a pretty good week! Monday was a pretty normal one, but on Tuesday we were on Exchanges, and i happened to be in Broken Arrow! I dont know if you know what happened, but that happened to be where some pretty crazy weather was at! Where I was at all we got was some really crazy wind, but Ive been told that a Tornado actually touched down kinda close to where I was at! It was pretty crazy! The sirens were going off right next to us, and stuff! It was actually kinda fun! We got the best tornado advice The guy said (with a very southern accent) "If its gonna kill you its gonna kill you, so you might as well get a good look at it" We had a really slow week with lessons! I am not sure why! I dont know if I have said this or not, but Where the Red Fern Grows was based on a guy who lived here in Tahlequah, and the original one was mostly filmed here in town, and Every year they do a Red Fern Festival well it was Friday and Saturday! The guy who played Billy in the movie is Mormon, and very active! He came down to the Festival, and did a fireside! It was awesome, but how we met him was way cool! we were 30 minutes early to the festival, so we went into a cafe that was right next to the park! we walked upstairs, and this guy and his wife were the only other ones up there! We sat down, and the guy said " Hey Elders come over here for a minute" We started talking to him, and he said that he was from out of town! We started to put together that he was the Guy! Well we finally get it out of him that he was Stewart Peterson the guy who played Billy! He said to his wife not 10 minutes before we walked in that he needed to get a book of mormon for his friend! we gave him one, and talked to him and his wife for quite a long time! We actaully became really good friends, and visited with them for quite a few times over the next two days! One crazy conection is our mission president and Sister Peterson actually grew up in the same town, and had went on a date when they were in Highschool! So Saturday our mission president and his wife came to town, and took us and the petersons and a senior sister missionary from the office out to dinner! We had a really good time! Well during the festival earlier that day we got temporaty tatoos from the cheerleaders from the college! we got them on arms just above the sleeve line. Well after dinner Elder Naef thought it would be funny to show sister Loveland his! She didnt like it,and she started to give me a hard time about letting Elder Naef do that to himself, and as she was talking to me He lifted up my sleeve so she could see my tatoo, and before i could even react She punched me in the Chest pretty hard actually! we all started laughing! well we went to the fireside, and it was great! Stewert Peterson Has such a special spirit! I like him a lot! When President and Sister Loveland were getting ready to leave Sister Loveland shook my hand, and said to me "I hope your chest bruises, and every morning that you look in the mirrior and see your bruise you will remember not to get tatoos" It was actaully really funny! Well sorry this week was so long! 
I love and miss yall so much
Love Elder Sorensen  

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