Monday, December 28, 2015

December 28, 2015

This week has been way crazy. So the week was pretty slow until Christmas, and that day was so much fun. I got to not only talk to my family, but i also got to have a great day with a family. We didnt do anything to special, but we just had so much fun. Being away fro Christmas was a pretty interesting experience, but it was fine. It wasnt as hard as i was expecting so its alright. Then on saturday it rained and rained and rained. there was flash flood warnings all day. Then at 6 pm we were just pulling into taco bell when a loud siren started blaring. At first we didnt know what to say then we realized that it was the tornado warning. So we were camped out in taco bell for about an hour. it was really crazy. then it has been raining ever since, and it just barley stopped about an hour ago. there has been flooding all weekend. so it has been really crazy. Our apartment is fine. but thats my week. I love yall
Love Elder Sorensen 

President and Sister Loveland, Elder Sorensen, Elder Foster, Elder Thompson and Sister Foster.  Elder Foster came to the mission and spoke to the missionaries.  Elder Sorensen and Elder Thompson were the only ones from their zone at this meeting.

Elder Sorensen times two. The other one is the assistant to the president.

 Elder Sorensen, Alex Jamenez, Elder Czirr, Brandon (just got baptized), Elder Thompson, and Bryan Jamenez. 

Elder Sorensen with Santa, Trevor and Jerry. 

Elder Thompson and Elder Sorensen

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

December 22, 2015

Hey Yall.
So I forgot to let you know last week that we had a Christmas conference/ party on the 21st, so I get to email today. I have had a pretty good week last week. We had a baptism. The guy is so awesome. He got baptized on the 16th. Then on Sunday was awesome. it was the Christmas program and it was so much fun. Everyone had to go sing at different times, and it was just a blast. then yesterday the whole mission went to the Bentonville stake center and we had a Christmas conference starting at 9am. It was really good, then at 12 we had lunch immediately followed by a dodge ball tournament. our zone did pretty good, we made it to the semi finals. It was a blast. then all the musicly talented people had a Christmas program for us We have some really awesome people in our mission. then we drove home. We left there at 6pm so we were there all day. It was a blast. That was my week. Merry Christmas and I love yall
Love Elder Sorensen

Monday, December 14, 2015

December 14, 2015

Hey everybody!
This week has been pretty good. so I forgot to tell you that we have a baptism on the 16th. I had nothing to do with it. the date was already set when I got here, but he is such a cool guy. His name is Brandon and I really like him. We have had a ton of lessons. Maybe it really isn't that much, but compared to what I did in fort scott it is like night and day difference. I love it here so much. Me and Elder Thompson are getting a long really well. We didn't have anything crazy happen this last week except on Thursday we had a conference with Bradley D Foster of the Seventy. it was really good. he is such a spiritual man He was in Rodgers Arkansas in the morning then Springfield Missouri in the after noon then Tulsa Oklahoma the next day.  Me and Elder Thompson were the only two people from our zone in the Rogders one so we got our "zone picture" but it was just us to so that was really awesome. I cant think of any other stories right now, but I love it here so much, and I love yall
Love Elder Sorensen

Monday, December 7, 2015

December 7, 2015

Hey yall.
this week has been so great. at the first of the week we just said all our goodbyes in fort scott. it was kinda hard with some, and with other people it was super easy. I know that sounds bad, but it was good to leave there. on Thursday I got to Cassville. oh my goodness I love it here. we have a baptism on the 16th, and the branch is super awesome. I am still trying to get to know everyone here, but I love it. My companion is Elder Thompson. I really love him. we get a long really well. here is my new mailing address

Cassville, Missouri 65625
I love yall
Love Elder Sorensen 

A bunch of missionarys at chillies with brother Fowler. He is an old guy living in Parsons. me and him really got along. so he took me out to eat before I left as a early birthday present.

Elder Sorensen, Brother Fowler, and Elder Jackson

Elder Sorensen, Brother Fowler, and Elder Whitby

Elder Sordensen and Elder Whitby in a Siamese elder suit playing the ukulele.

Elder Sorensen with the Martins.  They are just a super awesome couple that can cook really good.

Elder Sorensen and Elder Whitby at transfer point.

Elder Sorensen and Elder Jackson at transfer point.

Elder Sorensen and Elder Grey at transfer point.

Elder Sorensen and Elder Thompson on bike day.

The last two are me with night vision goggles on that a crazy investigator from Cassville had.