Monday, February 29, 2016

February 29, 2016

Hey Yall So this week was a hard week. I had to say goodbye to everyone in Cassville. It was really hard actually. I didn't think that saying goodbye would be that hard, but it honestly was. I was hoping the week would be slow, but it went by so fast. I hope that sometime soon i will get to serve around there again, so i can go and visit some of those wonderful people there. When i got to Tahlequah I honestly didn't know what to think. We have a really nice apartment, and i have my own Bathroom which is nice. I really like my companion. the only thing i dont like about him is he loves to bike, and im fat, so that is rough! ;) but really he is good. The people here are mostly older, so that is kinda weird, but its alright. The only really cool thing i can think of that happened since i got here is week is yesterday we were out biking, and our appointment feel through, and we had nothing to do so we prayed and asked Heavenly Father for a guidance, and a for a miracle, we both thought we should go tracting so we knocked on a few houses, and we got 2 potential investigators, and we taught one lady the restoration, and she told us to come back, so it was so cool to see God answer our prayer. That was most of my week. Thank you all for everything, and I love all of you
Elder Sorensen 

Monday, February 22, 2016

February 22, 2016

So this week was an interesting week. On Monday we paintballed with some youth, and then we went fishing with some members. It was a blast. It was one of the best P Days so far. Then the week was honestly a really basic week. We did teach a lot more than what we were doing before. We hit the standard of excellence which is some goals that our mission president sets to try and teach so many lessons, and stuff like that, and we got it. It was really awesome. then on Friday night we drove down to Bentonville to stay over with the assistants. We had a conference in Tulsa so we didnt want to wake up as early so we spent the night there. We still had to wake up at 4 am. then we got on a bus and drove to Tulsa. The conference was amazing. Elder D Todd Christofferson was there, and i really like him. I learned a ton, and i even got to shake his hand, but the day soon went from happy to sad. Saturday was also transfer calls, and i am getting Transferred to Tahlequah Oklahoma, and im really really sad to leave Cassville. I really have loved it here, but i guess i am called to go there for a reason. my new address is

Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464
I love yall
Elder Sorensen

Elder Day, Elder Sorensen, Alex, and Bryan Jhimenez after paint balling last week.

Me holding his trophy fish.

Me and the Sherwood twins Brandie and Brook.

This one is me and Elder Brown.  He is one of the Assistants.  

Monday, February 15, 2016

February 15, 2016

​Hey Yall
This week was a pretty good week. On Tuesday we finally got our phone, but because the old one doesn't work we cant transfer contacts. So We get to start all over with that. It kinda makes it a new adventure. Then on Wednesday we got to eat at the Sherwoods house. They are one of my favorite families here. They also brought a friend over, and we taught her the restoration. It was sweet. Then on Friday Elder Day and I decided to walk. We walked to a ladies house and then to the church. We walked over 5 miles, and so we had Brandon Burns come out with us and give us a ride. Then we had a valentines social, and it was so much fun. we laughed the whole time. Then Saturday came around, and we decided to go walk again. This time when we were almost to town a car drove by and started cussing up a storm at us. it was honestly kinda funny. we had a really unsuccessful day. No one would let us in. we decided we would try one lady that we knew wouldn't let us in, but we both had a feeling to try her. While we were walking there a car that was driving by tried to door us. and then not 30 seconds later I waved to another car and he just flipped us off, so it was a really good time. me and elder day were laughing pretty hard at it, because what else could we do? Then we are almost to that ladies house and we pass a care center and some people waved us to come over because they recognized us, their mom was dieing and she already had a blessing, but they wanted us to come pray with their family. That was really cool and really fun, but that is about the extent of my week. I love yall
Elder Sorensen

So  the first 3 pictures are from a day that Elder Gray and Elder Roy came over and we went caving, and then up on a cool trail thing. 

The hat is real beaver fur and it was in a flea market.

Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

This week was an interesting week. We went fishing last monday, and we did not catch a fish. It was in a river that we later found out that they feed the fish, so we didn't even get a bite. Then on Wednesday we had our district meeting. That was pretty good, but I am kinda in a weird district. There is only 3 sets of missionaries in our district including us, and the others are kinda odd, but it is not a big deal. Then after we taught an investigator named Brenda. She is a legally blind lady who is Soooooooo funny. But that lesson went really good. she shad she wants to pray about being baptised. Then on Thursday our phone broke. It has been a really interesting weekend. We haven't been able to make and calls or texts because our phone wont turn on. So we did not have a ton of luck setting up appointments, but it was still fun. Hopefully they get us our new phone soon. I Love Yall so much
Elder Sorensen 

Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Hey Yall
This week was pretty good, but i forgot to tell you about a funny story that happend 2 weeks ago. We were calling our branch roster to see if we could set up some less actives. We called this one guy and he said we could come over and he would even feed us dinner. We were super excited because it was a less active guy and he was excited. Then when we got there he opened the door, and i knew that we messed up. He is like 40 years old. He has a skullet and had no teeth. He pulled some chicken out of the oven and it was NASTY. It had rubbery skin, and it still had blood in it. Then he gave us this sick macaroni stuff I said we had to go so i only got a little bit, then my companion was in the bathroom so he came out and the guy had already dished him a huge bowl. He got about half of it down, and then he said i wish you had a paper bowl so i could take it home. he was trying to be nice and then the guy pulls out this glass cup and said take this i dont care about it. so he took it home and threw it away. When we told someone about it they started to laugh as soon as we said the name of the guy we ate at. I learned that Heavenly Father really does protect his missionaries from being poisoned. But onto this week. It was kinda a slow week. On Tuesday we had zone training and i had a really good talk with Sister Loveland. She is so weird, but she is so awesome.  Church was pretty good, and we get fed everynight, but it just seems like we dont have a ton of people to teach, so me and Elder Day are going to work hard on that. But I love yall
Elder Sorensen