Monday, February 1, 2016

February 1, 2016

Hey Yall
This week was pretty good, but i forgot to tell you about a funny story that happend 2 weeks ago. We were calling our branch roster to see if we could set up some less actives. We called this one guy and he said we could come over and he would even feed us dinner. We were super excited because it was a less active guy and he was excited. Then when we got there he opened the door, and i knew that we messed up. He is like 40 years old. He has a skullet and had no teeth. He pulled some chicken out of the oven and it was NASTY. It had rubbery skin, and it still had blood in it. Then he gave us this sick macaroni stuff I said we had to go so i only got a little bit, then my companion was in the bathroom so he came out and the guy had already dished him a huge bowl. He got about half of it down, and then he said i wish you had a paper bowl so i could take it home. he was trying to be nice and then the guy pulls out this glass cup and said take this i dont care about it. so he took it home and threw it away. When we told someone about it they started to laugh as soon as we said the name of the guy we ate at. I learned that Heavenly Father really does protect his missionaries from being poisoned. But onto this week. It was kinda a slow week. On Tuesday we had zone training and i had a really good talk with Sister Loveland. She is so weird, but she is so awesome.  Church was pretty good, and we get fed everynight, but it just seems like we dont have a ton of people to teach, so me and Elder Day are going to work hard on that. But I love yall
Elder Sorensen 

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