Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016

Hey Everyone! This week was a pretty good one!
On Wednesday It was our P day, so we went over to Salem because Elder Hess is getting transferred! We spent most of the day at a members house! This member was a pretty funny guy! He is 40 years old, and acts 19, so we had a ton of fun! When we got back to Sullivan we went over to a members house for dinner, and after dinner we played Canasta! That was pretty fun, and I will just say this my team SMOKED the other team! It was awesome! 
On Thursday It was a slow day! we stopped by a ton of people, but we had no luck Thursday! About the only good part about Thursday was that it was officially my 17 month mark! That is crazy that I am at 17 months! Time sure does go by so quick! 
On Friday we had a service where a company from St. Louis delivers food to that food pantry and then we have like a drive threw food pantry where people can get food! Well It was pretty cold, so we had all of it inside, and people just took a cart and took the food out to their cars and then brought the cart back! There was one part of it that was outside, and I ended up doing that part! I handed out dairy products as people were walking out! It was actually pretty fun! I got to wish almost everyone a merry Christmas! Well that night it got pretty cold, and there was a mist in the air, so there was ice everywhere! It made it kind of fun to drive lol! We played basketball with the youth for a while! We played inside the church, and in Sullivan there is not a big basketball gym! It is only as big as the free throw line, and then there is the big curtain that leads into the chapel! We always open those curtains to give us a little more room, and then put chalk boards in the way so that the ball wont go into the Chapel! One of the youth brought one of their non-member friends! We have played with him a bunch of times! He is there almost every time we play! His name is Derick! Well we played a pretty good joke on him! So the ball bounced under one of the chalk boards and into the chapel, so Derick ran and got it, but all of us started to "freak out" telling him that he cant be in there! It was so funny because he was so scared! We later told him that we were just kidding and that he could go into the Chapel, but he was so scared it was priceless! We also had the Ward Christmas party!  It was pretty fun! It wasnt anything to crazy! We just had dinner, and Santa came and visited! It was pretty fun! We played with the kids almost the whole time! 
On Saturday it was still way cold, and misty, so most of the roads were icy, but we made the trek out to St. Clair (15 miles away) because we had an appointment! It was with this lady who is about 75 years old! Her name is Joanne! She is super sweet! We taught her the Restoration! It went really good, and she committed to read the Book of Mormon every night! We went to dinner with a member and he took us to Applebees, and there was a couple that walked in that were on a date! They were all dressed up all nice! He was wearing a suit, and she was wearing a dress! Well about half way through he split his drink all over his suit, and it was funny, but I felt so bad for the pour guy! At about 8 president sent out a text telling us to park our cars because it was getting way icy! We actually didnt get the text until 9 so we drove for an hour before, but then it was time to go to the apartment any way! Well just as we walked into the apartment it started to snow! It didnt snow very much! maybe only half an inch, but it was awesome! 
On Sunday we wernt allowed to drive our car, and President Loveland told us that try and get rides from members to appointments, but dont go out walking, biking, or tracting! We got a ride to Church, and it was only a small Sacrament meeting, but the speakers did a way good job! Then after that we had to spend the day in the apartment because we didnt have appointments! It was a LONG day! We made it through and all is well now! we are able to use our car again!
Well that is about it for my week! I love and miss you all so much! Merry Christmas
Love Elder Sorensen 

Wednesday, December 14, 2016

December 14, 2016

Hey everyone! This week was a pretty good week! 
On Monday we went to Rolla, and we went to Wendys for lunch! We went and hung out with the Salem Elders and the Rolla Sisters! It was a pretty good day! We honestly didn't do to much! We just hung out, played basketball, and had a bunch of laughs! We ended up having Wendys for dinner as well, so that was kind of funny! After that the sisters asked us to come over to the YSAs FHE, so we went over there, and I am just going to be honest here! The ysa members there really made me not want to go to a ysa when I get home! They were all MAJOR GOOBERS! It was kind of funny, but defiantly something I wouldn't want to do every week lol! 
Tuesday was a very humbling day! So every month we have a certain number of miles we are allowed to drive in our car! Well last month we went quite a bit over our limit, so Tuesday Morning we got a call from President Loveland! He chastised me a little extensively, and in the end told me to park our car for the week! He also told us to not go over again, or he will take the car! So we walked most of the day Tuesday! We did service at the food pantry, and it was interesting they had us do something that we usually dont do we had to work in the freezer, so not only were we out walking in the cold, but we were working in the Freezer, so I think the Lord was really trying to teach me a lesson! We had to bike about 5 miles out to dinner in the cold as well, so it was really an interesting day!
On Wednesday we went out tracting! Again we were on foot, and again it was a pretty cold day! We were all bundled up though, so it wasn't to bad! We knocked into a super less active members house, so that was cool, but he didn't want to talk! We also tracted into this Weirdo! He let us in, but it was so weird he wouldn't turn on any lights besides this little tiny lamp, and he just keep saying like weird and creepy things! Needless to say we didn't stay very long! On the walk back to the apartment for the night we noticed that there was little flurrys flying around, so I got really excited, but not snow yet :(!
On Thursday we got a media referral which means someone got onto, and requested either a Book or Mormon or a Bible! Well this address said it was about a 30 minute drive for us! Now us not having a car asked a member to take us out there! We got out where we thought it was, and tried calling them because we couldn't find it! Well to make a long crazy story short They live in Texas, and their address is very similar to one here in Missouri, and I guess they didn't put a zip code, so it came to the one here! It was pretty funny to talk to that guy though because he was clearly black, and he was super funny! Also with this walking it made me really appreciate our car because a drive that takes under 10 minutes took us about an hour to walk, and that was hard! We had dinner at a members house, and they had Fried Chicken for us! It was pretty good, but they had it on a really nice serving platter! I asked them if it was a home made receipt and it turns out they got the chicken from a fast food place, and they tried to hide that they did, and it was super funny! 
On Friday we went out with a member to Owensville to go out, and try and contact all the less actives that live out there! On the way out there the member wanted us to try and teach his landlady, and he said we could come over, so we went to her house! She didn't answer her door, so the member was like lets just walk in! We are just sitting on some random persons couch waiting for something, well them some dude walks out of the bathroom, and at the angle of the hallway and stuff he could only see Elder Durrant and Me, so he was reaching in his pocket for something, and walking towards us! He saw the member, and recognized him! He was reaching for a gun that he thought he had, so he let the member know how dumb that was, and then told us that the lady we were looking for wanted us to come visit her at work! It was kind of crazy! Out in Owensville we didn't have a ton of success, but it was still pretty good! We had a ward party for dinner! We celebrated all the December birthdays in the ward, so yes Mine included! We ate at a Chinese buffet, and that is always a good time! After we played basketball with the youth, and it was a lot of fun! 
On Saturday we went out and cut wood! We did that all day! We did 3 trailer loads, and two truck loads full of wood, and then we delivered it to members who needed it! It was kind of crazy when we were cutting it this guy with a chainsaw was cutting this tree, and it fell wrong, and almost hit our Elders Quorum president! He was wearing a beanie, and it got so close that a branch hit his beanie and pulled it off, but he said that not one branch touched him, so that was really crazy! I dont know if any of you remember me talking about an Elder Bettinson when I was in Tahlequah, but he was in my District! One of his areas was Sullivan! He is home now, but he came and visited Sullivan on Saturday, so I was able to have dinner with him and his family, and that was kind of cool! At dinner there was this little kid there, and he didnt want to eat his dinner, but you know parents were making him eat! Well he was saying his tummy hurt, and all of a sudden he just puked everywhere! So hopefully there was a lesson learned there lol! 
On Sunday we went to Church! It was pretty normal week! I dont know if I told you guys this, but Elder Robert C Gay of the Seventy visited our mission on the 12th! So on Sunday we drove down to Springfield to spend the night because the conference started at 7 in the morning in Bentonville! So we got a ride to Rolla, and then got in the car with Salem,and drove down to Springfield! We spent the night with Elders Green, Roberts, Hess, Coley, Durrant and myself! Elders Wilcox and Roy were supposed to be there two, but there was a really bad car wreck, and they got stuck in the traffic after it, and was parcked on the Highway for 4 hours, so they got in at like 2 am! We had a ton of fun! I know why they dont let us do that very much! We stayed up way to late lol
On Monday we woke up at 4, so I got like 3 hours of sleep lol! We got on a bus, and rode to Bentonville! Elder Gay was really cool! He told us a lot of cool things! One thing he said really stood out to me! He said "The Spirit is ALWAYS talking! It is just a matter of if we are listing" The rest of what he said was really good as well! One of the best parts of the conference is that I got to see so many of Missionaries that I have really missed! Including Elder Naef and Elder Wilde who go home in 2 days! It was so much fun! President then made a crazy announcement! They are taking 3 of our zones, in the Tulsa are (including Tahlequah) and moving it into the Oklahoma City Mission! We keep all the missionaries, but loose the areas! Now this kind of jacks up our transfers, but ill explain that in a minute! After the Conference we got back on the bus and drove back to Springfield! When we got there it was 8pm, and because we had a two and a half hour drive home we decided to just spend the night in Springfield! 
Tuesday was a really boring day, but at night we got our transfer calls, and Elder Durrant and I are both staying, but we herd a rumor that it is only going to be a 3 week transfer, and then we will have another one! It is a 3 weeker, so we can line up our transfers with the Oklahoma City mission for the zone swap things! 
Well that is about it for me! This is my last week as a teenager, so that is kind of a crazy thought, but I Love and miss you all so much
Love Elder Sorensen​

Monday, December 5, 2016

December 5, 2016

Monday, November 28, 2016

November 28, 2016

Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016

Hey Everyone!
This week was a pretty good week! 
On Monday we went down to Rolla like we do most Mondays, and we were Penny boarding through the college campus that is there! They have a perfect down hill all the way through it! Well on our first run down the hill (we usually do a bunch) There was a bunch of people, and I think there was a few outside classing going on! I was feeling pretty confident in myself, so at this one part where you kind of slow down for a second I was going to give myself a few extra pushes in, so I could get going fast, well as I went to push I ran over a acorn, and my board stopped! I however, did not stop! I ended up with a few good scraps! A bunch of people saw me wreck though, and they thought it was pretty  funny! All and all it was still a good time! After we got done there we went to another spot where there is a pretty good hill, but the only problem is at the bottom of the hill there is about a block, and then a busy road were if we go down we have a stop sign! The hill is big enough that it is worth it to go down, so what we would do is have 3 of us ride down, and the other one would wait at the bottom and give us the thumbs up or down as to if we can go through the road with all the traffic! It was a pretty fun time! We did that for a few hours! 
On Tuesday we were in this ghetto apartment complex! We were looking for James! He is the guy who basically got us in the gang! We haven't saw him in a while, so we went to where he lives to see if we could run into him! He didn't answer his door! While we were at his door some little kid in the other apartment building just started screaming to his parents "Mom, Dad Its Elder Lenard!! Hes back! Mom Dad Elder Lenard is back! He changed his hair, and the other guy looks different, but hes back!" Well went to go talk to them after, and he realized we western Elder Lenard, and then they didn't really want to talk to us, but that was really funny! We ran into this guy who was their neighbor, and he let us in to talk with him! While we were talking with him he told us that James had died! It was crazy! He kept telling us more info about it, and it seemed to line up with the James we knew! We didn't get a for sure that it was him though! (There is more to the story, but it will come later) So at this point we didn't know if James was dead or alive, so that was weird! We started to teach this guy, and  he was super open he was answering all our questions, and then he stopped and said "Wait is the the religion that Worships Joseph Smith?" Elder Durrant said " No We don't Worship him! He was a prophet just like Prophets in the Bible, but we don't Worship him" Instantly the guy stopped answering questions, and stopped talking to us about really anything! It was just crazy to me that some people get so stiff necked that they wont even talk to us after they know who we are! Tuesday was also my 16 month mark! That means I have been out for 2/3 of my mission now! That is so crazy how fast time is flying by out here!
On Wednesday we went out tracting in this trailer park! There is usually a ton of crazy people that live in trailer parks! This time however there was some pretty good potentials! We talked to this lady Named Britney! She has 3 kids, and is really interested in reading the Book of Mormon! When we asked her if she would read it and pray about it she said that she defiantly will do that, so that is a really good sign! The other potential we had in there was a family of 3 people and they all have had interaction with the church! They said they will read the Book of Mormon, but where unsure about coming to church, so we will see what happens there! At 7 pm we were asked to do an activity with the youth! They did live action Clue, so we were some of the Characters that gave them clues, and they were detectives, so it was kind of fun to do that with them! 
On Thursday we had a combine district meeting in St. Robert! Our whole zone came together and have a meeting! Elder Shaw (the other district leader) and I set up the meeting! It went pretty good, but during the meeting President Loveland came and had Interviews with us! I was almost last, and didn't go to after our meeting was over, so we were out throwing a football, and someone came and told me that it was my turn! I hurry and ran in there, and had the meeting! It went pretty good! Nothing to exciting happend during it, but about half way through he just stopped and said Oh ya don't you have a baptism interview I need to do? He just pulled Elder Durrant, and John in with me, and we had our interview! John passed, and it was really good! After my interview President Loveland game me a hug and said "Oh you are sweaty" (That is because I was out playing football) Then he said "I must have not got it cold enough in here" I didn't really say anything I just let him think what he wants to lol! We went on exchanges with Salem, and I went to Salem with Elder Hess! We got back to Salem pretty late because we didn't leave St. Robert until 7ish, and it was about an hour drive, so we didn't get to do a whole lot that night 
On Friday Elder Hess and I did a lot of service with a member there! The funnest part was we went to a care center and did a little bowling game with all of the ladies! They were way funny! After like 3 or 4 rounds I asked the one lady if she was ready to go again, and she said in all seriousness "I haven't gone yet, but I would love to go" It was funny, but sad at the same time! We just went around the rest of the day helping members with a bunch of different kinds of stuff! After Dinner we Exchanged back, and I went back to Sullivan! 
On Saturday it got COLD!!!! It went from 80 degrees a few days before to 40 degrees! It seemed like it was the dead of winter because it was such a huge change! Missouri Weather is weird! For dinner we went over to a members house, and the wife says she was sick all day, so she didn't cook food! She ordered food! When we got there she asked if we were in a hurry because she had to go get the food! We said no thinking it was ready she just had to go pick it up! Well she didn't order it until she got there, so about an hour later she came back to the house! It was kind of funny! After dinner we went and played basketball with the youth in our ward! We played outside, and it was FREEZING! It was like 28 degrees and i was out there in a short sleeved shirt and tie! It was fun though!
ON Sunday We had a dang good day! In Ward Council before church it was kind of weird! They invite us to every meeting, and during this one they had a 20 minute discussion about our dinner calendar like we wern't even there! They didn't ask for our opinions or anything, so that was kind of weird! After Church we had John's baptism! It went great! It was really good to have a baptism again! It was way cool to see all the support that John is getting from the ward as well! While he was getting changed after the baptism during the little intermission we played a video for everone to watch! After they got back, and changed we started the program back up, and a Kid who has Autism came runnin in and just yelled "I got your video pulled up" He thought we wanted him to show the video, so he was trying to get it on his grandpas laptop! It was really funny! He is a good kid he is just really loud! 
It is also my comps birthday today, so we had a little party last night! Thats what these other pictures are from! 
Well that was really my week! It was a pretty good one! I miss and love you all! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! 
Love Elder Sorensen

aww shoot I forgot to finish my story about James! He actaully is alive! The guy who died is named Jamie and James just is in Prison, so thats good, but bad! 

Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

Hey everyone!
This week was a good week! As you know I emailed last week on Wednesday, so this one might be a little shorter, but I will see what I can do! on Wednesday we went to Rolla, and we were with The Salem Elders and the Rolla sisters! We were going to go do stuff, but ultimately we ended up in a parking lot for 3 hours ridding penny boards, and tossing a football around! It was pretty fun though! At dinner we ate with a guy who is very interesting! I think he might have some form of autism, but nothing is confirmed! He is like 35 and he lives with his mom because he has to take care of her! He is the king of boosting! Boosting is when you add to the truth to make yourself sound cool! He says all sorts of stuff such as He is fluent in German (he is not he only knows how to say hello)! We try to be nice to him, so we go along with his stories! Sometimes they get way crazy, and we just cant help but bust up laughing! Wednesday we were trying to get him to do the Saltine Challenge! That is where you have to eat 6 saltine crackers in 1 minute! He said he hated them, so he wont do it! We moved on to the Cinnamon challenge! That is where you have to eat a spoon full of Cinnamon! He claimed he eats a mouth full of cinnamon every morning! We called him out on it, so he tried it, and it was so funny he like coughed and was puffing out clouds of cinnamon, and we about lost it! It was so funny!
On Thursday we taught John a lesson! He is a homeless guy who lives in his van! We had a lesson at a members house! That lesson went really well, and as of right now John is going to be baptized on Sunday! I am really excited for that! It is always good to have a baptism, and i haven't had one in a while, so i really hope this one works out! We went to a less actives house right at sundown, and the kids wanted to play basketball really bad, so we were out there in the pitch black trying to shoot hoops with them! After a few lucky shots, and a bunch of close calls we decided we better quite playing, but it was way fun! After that Elder Durrant left some stuff in Salem's jeep when we were together Wednesday, so we had to go to Rolla to meet in the middle so Elder Durrant could get it back, and we went to dinner with the Salem Elders, and that was pretty fun!
On Friday we went out to Owensville like we do every other friday! We visited with this older couple, and the lady talked for about an hour about how she used to raise Chihuahuas , and she showed us pictures of all of them, and remembered all of their names it was crazy because there was at least 100 dogs! That night we went and played basketball with some youth! We played this game called Tips! Well Elder Durrant and I worked them! We never lost! we played for like an hour and a half, and never lost!
Saturday a Recent convert set up an apointment to cut our hair! We had to run up there because it was free, so those are always nice! Fun Fact i have never paid for a hair cut on my mission! After the lady cut my hair she asked me when are next transfers and i told her December, and she said perfect this is what we are going to do! She then laid out my "hair plan" So i guess thats good when your hair stylist has a plan right lol? For dinner that night this lady was making us chicken strips that she says everyone LOVES them, so we went in there, and there was a ton of anticipation, and they were about the most average chicken strips in the world lol, but she acted like the were the best thing known to man kind! After dinner those youth we creamed in basketball were callin for a rematch so we played with them, and again dominated, but we did loose the 2nd game, but won every other one, so in the end everyone walked a way happy!
Sunday we found a few potential investigators, so I am really excited about them! They are younger kids, but really loved what we talked about the Book of Mormon!
Well That was my week! I love and miss you guys
Love Elder Sorensen

Wednesday, November 9, 2016

November 9, 2016

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October 31, 2016

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October 24, 2016