Monday, November 14, 2016

November 14, 2016

Hey everyone!
This week was a good week! As you know I emailed last week on Wednesday, so this one might be a little shorter, but I will see what I can do! on Wednesday we went to Rolla, and we were with The Salem Elders and the Rolla sisters! We were going to go do stuff, but ultimately we ended up in a parking lot for 3 hours ridding penny boards, and tossing a football around! It was pretty fun though! At dinner we ate with a guy who is very interesting! I think he might have some form of autism, but nothing is confirmed! He is like 35 and he lives with his mom because he has to take care of her! He is the king of boosting! Boosting is when you add to the truth to make yourself sound cool! He says all sorts of stuff such as He is fluent in German (he is not he only knows how to say hello)! We try to be nice to him, so we go along with his stories! Sometimes they get way crazy, and we just cant help but bust up laughing! Wednesday we were trying to get him to do the Saltine Challenge! That is where you have to eat 6 saltine crackers in 1 minute! He said he hated them, so he wont do it! We moved on to the Cinnamon challenge! That is where you have to eat a spoon full of Cinnamon! He claimed he eats a mouth full of cinnamon every morning! We called him out on it, so he tried it, and it was so funny he like coughed and was puffing out clouds of cinnamon, and we about lost it! It was so funny!
On Thursday we taught John a lesson! He is a homeless guy who lives in his van! We had a lesson at a members house! That lesson went really well, and as of right now John is going to be baptized on Sunday! I am really excited for that! It is always good to have a baptism, and i haven't had one in a while, so i really hope this one works out! We went to a less actives house right at sundown, and the kids wanted to play basketball really bad, so we were out there in the pitch black trying to shoot hoops with them! After a few lucky shots, and a bunch of close calls we decided we better quite playing, but it was way fun! After that Elder Durrant left some stuff in Salem's jeep when we were together Wednesday, so we had to go to Rolla to meet in the middle so Elder Durrant could get it back, and we went to dinner with the Salem Elders, and that was pretty fun!
On Friday we went out to Owensville like we do every other friday! We visited with this older couple, and the lady talked for about an hour about how she used to raise Chihuahuas , and she showed us pictures of all of them, and remembered all of their names it was crazy because there was at least 100 dogs! That night we went and played basketball with some youth! We played this game called Tips! Well Elder Durrant and I worked them! We never lost! we played for like an hour and a half, and never lost!
Saturday a Recent convert set up an apointment to cut our hair! We had to run up there because it was free, so those are always nice! Fun Fact i have never paid for a hair cut on my mission! After the lady cut my hair she asked me when are next transfers and i told her December, and she said perfect this is what we are going to do! She then laid out my "hair plan" So i guess thats good when your hair stylist has a plan right lol? For dinner that night this lady was making us chicken strips that she says everyone LOVES them, so we went in there, and there was a ton of anticipation, and they were about the most average chicken strips in the world lol, but she acted like the were the best thing known to man kind! After dinner those youth we creamed in basketball were callin for a rematch so we played with them, and again dominated, but we did loose the 2nd game, but won every other one, so in the end everyone walked a way happy!
Sunday we found a few potential investigators, so I am really excited about them! They are younger kids, but really loved what we talked about the Book of Mormon!
Well That was my week! I love and miss you guys
Love Elder Sorensen

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