Monday, November 21, 2016

November 21, 2016

Hey Everyone!
This week was a pretty good week! 
On Monday we went down to Rolla like we do most Mondays, and we were Penny boarding through the college campus that is there! They have a perfect down hill all the way through it! Well on our first run down the hill (we usually do a bunch) There was a bunch of people, and I think there was a few outside classing going on! I was feeling pretty confident in myself, so at this one part where you kind of slow down for a second I was going to give myself a few extra pushes in, so I could get going fast, well as I went to push I ran over a acorn, and my board stopped! I however, did not stop! I ended up with a few good scraps! A bunch of people saw me wreck though, and they thought it was pretty  funny! All and all it was still a good time! After we got done there we went to another spot where there is a pretty good hill, but the only problem is at the bottom of the hill there is about a block, and then a busy road were if we go down we have a stop sign! The hill is big enough that it is worth it to go down, so what we would do is have 3 of us ride down, and the other one would wait at the bottom and give us the thumbs up or down as to if we can go through the road with all the traffic! It was a pretty fun time! We did that for a few hours! 
On Tuesday we were in this ghetto apartment complex! We were looking for James! He is the guy who basically got us in the gang! We haven't saw him in a while, so we went to where he lives to see if we could run into him! He didn't answer his door! While we were at his door some little kid in the other apartment building just started screaming to his parents "Mom, Dad Its Elder Lenard!! Hes back! Mom Dad Elder Lenard is back! He changed his hair, and the other guy looks different, but hes back!" Well went to go talk to them after, and he realized we western Elder Lenard, and then they didn't really want to talk to us, but that was really funny! We ran into this guy who was their neighbor, and he let us in to talk with him! While we were talking with him he told us that James had died! It was crazy! He kept telling us more info about it, and it seemed to line up with the James we knew! We didn't get a for sure that it was him though! (There is more to the story, but it will come later) So at this point we didn't know if James was dead or alive, so that was weird! We started to teach this guy, and  he was super open he was answering all our questions, and then he stopped and said "Wait is the the religion that Worships Joseph Smith?" Elder Durrant said " No We don't Worship him! He was a prophet just like Prophets in the Bible, but we don't Worship him" Instantly the guy stopped answering questions, and stopped talking to us about really anything! It was just crazy to me that some people get so stiff necked that they wont even talk to us after they know who we are! Tuesday was also my 16 month mark! That means I have been out for 2/3 of my mission now! That is so crazy how fast time is flying by out here!
On Wednesday we went out tracting in this trailer park! There is usually a ton of crazy people that live in trailer parks! This time however there was some pretty good potentials! We talked to this lady Named Britney! She has 3 kids, and is really interested in reading the Book of Mormon! When we asked her if she would read it and pray about it she said that she defiantly will do that, so that is a really good sign! The other potential we had in there was a family of 3 people and they all have had interaction with the church! They said they will read the Book of Mormon, but where unsure about coming to church, so we will see what happens there! At 7 pm we were asked to do an activity with the youth! They did live action Clue, so we were some of the Characters that gave them clues, and they were detectives, so it was kind of fun to do that with them! 
On Thursday we had a combine district meeting in St. Robert! Our whole zone came together and have a meeting! Elder Shaw (the other district leader) and I set up the meeting! It went pretty good, but during the meeting President Loveland came and had Interviews with us! I was almost last, and didn't go to after our meeting was over, so we were out throwing a football, and someone came and told me that it was my turn! I hurry and ran in there, and had the meeting! It went pretty good! Nothing to exciting happend during it, but about half way through he just stopped and said Oh ya don't you have a baptism interview I need to do? He just pulled Elder Durrant, and John in with me, and we had our interview! John passed, and it was really good! After my interview President Loveland game me a hug and said "Oh you are sweaty" (That is because I was out playing football) Then he said "I must have not got it cold enough in here" I didn't really say anything I just let him think what he wants to lol! We went on exchanges with Salem, and I went to Salem with Elder Hess! We got back to Salem pretty late because we didn't leave St. Robert until 7ish, and it was about an hour drive, so we didn't get to do a whole lot that night 
On Friday Elder Hess and I did a lot of service with a member there! The funnest part was we went to a care center and did a little bowling game with all of the ladies! They were way funny! After like 3 or 4 rounds I asked the one lady if she was ready to go again, and she said in all seriousness "I haven't gone yet, but I would love to go" It was funny, but sad at the same time! We just went around the rest of the day helping members with a bunch of different kinds of stuff! After Dinner we Exchanged back, and I went back to Sullivan! 
On Saturday it got COLD!!!! It went from 80 degrees a few days before to 40 degrees! It seemed like it was the dead of winter because it was such a huge change! Missouri Weather is weird! For dinner we went over to a members house, and the wife says she was sick all day, so she didn't cook food! She ordered food! When we got there she asked if we were in a hurry because she had to go get the food! We said no thinking it was ready she just had to go pick it up! Well she didn't order it until she got there, so about an hour later she came back to the house! It was kind of funny! After dinner we went and played basketball with the youth in our ward! We played outside, and it was FREEZING! It was like 28 degrees and i was out there in a short sleeved shirt and tie! It was fun though!
ON Sunday We had a dang good day! In Ward Council before church it was kind of weird! They invite us to every meeting, and during this one they had a 20 minute discussion about our dinner calendar like we wern't even there! They didn't ask for our opinions or anything, so that was kind of weird! After Church we had John's baptism! It went great! It was really good to have a baptism again! It was way cool to see all the support that John is getting from the ward as well! While he was getting changed after the baptism during the little intermission we played a video for everone to watch! After they got back, and changed we started the program back up, and a Kid who has Autism came runnin in and just yelled "I got your video pulled up" He thought we wanted him to show the video, so he was trying to get it on his grandpas laptop! It was really funny! He is a good kid he is just really loud! 
It is also my comps birthday today, so we had a little party last night! Thats what these other pictures are from! 
Well that was really my week! It was a pretty good one! I miss and love you all! I hope you have a happy Thanksgiving! 
Love Elder Sorensen

aww shoot I forgot to finish my story about James! He actaully is alive! The guy who died is named Jamie and James just is in Prison, so thats good, but bad! 

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