Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hey yall 
This week was a really great week! On monday it was kinda slow, and we didnt do really to much! On Tuesday we went with this lady named Fran out to Cherokee Nation, which is the capital of all the Cherokees. She works there, so  we got to get a sweet look around at the place. It is way fun to learn about the Cherokees. On Wednesday we had our normal District meeting. It was the first one of the transfer, so that was pretty good. Then we went on splits with some members. I went With Brother Brewer, and we did some good things. Then the only stand out thing of Thursday is we went on splits again, but this time there was 6 of us going out! we had the Elders Quarm presidency come out with us and our Ward Mission Leader. I went with Brother Warren! We contaced a ton of people that hadnt been contacted in years, but they were not interested. Then Saturday was a crazy day!! We started helping this couple who is going on a mission move their stuff to a storage unit, well they had nothing that was light! It was all heavy! We started at 8 am and didnt get done until 11 am, but as soon as we were done with that another member called and asked us to move some stuff. We were moving all this light stuff, and then all of a sudden they are like ok now the piano. It was HEAVY!!!! It took us 20 minutes to get it from the house to the trailor. They did feed us lunch, so we were thinking we had an alright deal, but then they asked us to help them unload it. We agreed because thats what good missionaries do. They took us an hour away to where they wanted it, and then told us it needs to go upstairs. It was a beast to get it up there, but we did get it up. Well then the guy said hey thank you so much get in my car i am going to take you somewhere. He took us to a drive through safari/petting zoo. We had a blast! I got licked in the face by a Giraffe! It was a good day!plus we had a great lesson week!!!! thats really the highlights of my week! I love yall
Love Elder Jordan Sorensen 

Monday, April 18, 2016

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April 18, 2016

Hey This week has been a pretty good week! On Monday we went on a hike with some other missionaries, and it was pretty fun! we didnt get to stay long, but it was good. Then on Tuesday Elder Day called! He was my last companion, and he went home on Friday, so he called me on Tuesday and told me goodbye and such. It was kinda sad because i really like him, and now he is home. On Wednesday it was sweet! We set a baptismal date with a family! They are like 60 and have a few kids that come to their house all the time! They said they want to try and be baptised on May 21st! so im way excited for that. Their name is the Wilder family! On Friday it was my 9 month mark! how crazy is that??? I have been gone now for 9 months! Time has realy flown by! I am loving it though! on Sunday President and Sister Loveland came to our church, and spoke! They did a really great job, but This morning at 3 am some girl called and texted us saying that she was going to kill herself. Elder Naef talked to her, and I think he got everything calmed down, but it was kinda a crazy night. Thats it for me! I love yall
Elder Sorensen

Its a place called meditation cave! its cool! 

Monday, April 11, 2016

April 11, 2016

Hey Y'all,
This week has been a really good week. On Monday we helped a guy move some stuff, and that took most of the day. We didn't really do anything fun, but its all good because I really like the guy that we helped. He made it fun enough. On Tuesday Elder Naef had to go to Bentonville for a meeting again, so I went to Broken Arrow to go with Elder Wisden. I dont know if y'all remember him, but I went with him last time Elder Naef had a meeting. We had a pretty good day. We were just out doing a lot of tracting which is fun I guess. On Wednesday we had a Zone Training meeting in Broken Arrow, so we got to drive back up for that. It was pretty fun. It went a little long, so by the end I was really hungry, but I did get a lot from the meeting so it was really good. Then after that The Elders In Wagoner came to Tahlequah for an exchange. I went with Elder Harris. I have actually gone with him a lot. He is a lot of fun. We taught some pretty good lessons. On Thursday we were out biking around, and we had a referral, and we were trying to find his house. Elder Naef had a general idea where it was at, so we were going around. We went up this really steep hill. It was about 2 blocks long and really steep. When we got to the top we had to turn which went down this really gradual hill. When we got to the bottom Elder Naef thought that we went the wrong way, so instead of going back up the gradual hill we went up the shorter route that was STEEP! When we finally made it to the top there was a lady outside. We asked her for directions, and then told her what we were doing. She told us that we could come back and teach her. She told us to come back in an hour. Well back to that referral. It turns out it was right down the hill that we just had came up, and he wasn't home. We came back and had a lesson with that lady. Her name is Kendra, and she is sweet. She is a hippie, and is funny to talk to.  She really loved the Restoration lesson, so I am pumped to go back and teach her again. On Friday we had to go to Fayetteville to get our oil changed. It was a blast. Then Saturday came, and it was a crazy day. We were out teaching a lot of people, and then at 10 our transfer calls came. Me and Elder Naef are both Staying in Tahlequah for Round 2. I am pretty excited. Then yesterday was fast Sunday, so during testimony meeting this guy basically ran out of the meeting, well about 10 minutes later this lady motioned for us to come in the hall. It turns out this guy had a severe case of diarrhea. And when he ran out he didn't quite make it to the bathroom. Well instead of just going to the bathroom he went out to his car, so he left a trail from the Chappell to his car. We had to help scrub and clean it up. It stunk so bad. I guess you could call it a crappy day haha excuse my bad pun. Then This morning President Loveland came and took me and Elder Naef out to breakfast so that was pretty awesome! Anyways I love all of y'all
Love Elder Sorensen 

Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

Haha sorry i acedently hit send 
but this week was great! last week we went fishing and it was a blast! then all throughout the week we did a lot of good things! on Wednesday we had our district meeting, and it was great! I am really starting to love my district! The rest of the week was kinda slow! I am not sure why, but none of our investigators really could meet up this week, so we did a lot of trying to find people! Then saturday came, and Conference was so amazing! this is the first time i fully applied myself, and it was so amazing! i went in with 3 questions, and by the first session all of them were answered, and the rest of conference just built upon it! it was so amazing! Sorry this email is short, but it was kinda a boring week! but i love yall
Elder sorensen

We put on fake mustaches and random stuff to take a picture to give to an investigator for her birthday. 

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