Sunday, April 24, 2016

April 25, 2016

Hey yall 
This week was a really great week! On monday it was kinda slow, and we didnt do really to much! On Tuesday we went with this lady named Fran out to Cherokee Nation, which is the capital of all the Cherokees. She works there, so  we got to get a sweet look around at the place. It is way fun to learn about the Cherokees. On Wednesday we had our normal District meeting. It was the first one of the transfer, so that was pretty good. Then we went on splits with some members. I went With Brother Brewer, and we did some good things. Then the only stand out thing of Thursday is we went on splits again, but this time there was 6 of us going out! we had the Elders Quarm presidency come out with us and our Ward Mission Leader. I went with Brother Warren! We contaced a ton of people that hadnt been contacted in years, but they were not interested. Then Saturday was a crazy day!! We started helping this couple who is going on a mission move their stuff to a storage unit, well they had nothing that was light! It was all heavy! We started at 8 am and didnt get done until 11 am, but as soon as we were done with that another member called and asked us to move some stuff. We were moving all this light stuff, and then all of a sudden they are like ok now the piano. It was HEAVY!!!! It took us 20 minutes to get it from the house to the trailor. They did feed us lunch, so we were thinking we had an alright deal, but then they asked us to help them unload it. We agreed because thats what good missionaries do. They took us an hour away to where they wanted it, and then told us it needs to go upstairs. It was a beast to get it up there, but we did get it up. Well then the guy said hey thank you so much get in my car i am going to take you somewhere. He took us to a drive through safari/petting zoo. We had a blast! I got licked in the face by a Giraffe! It was a good day!plus we had a great lesson week!!!! thats really the highlights of my week! I love yall
Love Elder Jordan Sorensen 

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