Monday, April 4, 2016

April 4, 2016

Haha sorry i acedently hit send 
but this week was great! last week we went fishing and it was a blast! then all throughout the week we did a lot of good things! on Wednesday we had our district meeting, and it was great! I am really starting to love my district! The rest of the week was kinda slow! I am not sure why, but none of our investigators really could meet up this week, so we did a lot of trying to find people! Then saturday came, and Conference was so amazing! this is the first time i fully applied myself, and it was so amazing! i went in with 3 questions, and by the first session all of them were answered, and the rest of conference just built upon it! it was so amazing! Sorry this email is short, but it was kinda a boring week! but i love yall
Elder sorensen

We put on fake mustaches and random stuff to take a picture to give to an investigator for her birthday. 

Top 5 Biggest Changes

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