Monday, March 28, 2016

March 28, 2016

How are yall doing? this week i have had a really cool week. On Tuesday we went out to a members house for dinner. They are like 85 years old, and their names are the Enkeys. Brother Enkey has officially lost it. He is crazy. Sister Enkey made this really weird food where she put random vegetables with chicken and soy sauce, and fried it all up. It tasted fine, but it was way random. After dinner Brother Enkey said hey have yall rode our zip line? Now me and my companion being the crazy young men that we are wanted to do it. Well the back of his house is a hill, and he  has this big back porch. The zip line is going off his porch, but as you get to the end of the porch where the zip line is the saports for the porch are gone, so you have to take this leep of faith to get to where it all happens, and the zip line is about as red neck as it comes. It is like a pully with two ropes for handles and then at the end of one rope is a engine fan belt to put your feet in. luckley we both made it down that thing alive. Then On Wednesday we had some elders come on exchanges with us. I also bought a suit for 4 bucks. I really like it to. Thursday and Friday we had some really good lessons. but the coolest day this week was Saturday. We had 3 Miracles happen, they are not in order, but they are all cool. First we were out talking to people on the street, and we had a really good lesson. then after the lesson the guy got our number and when we said can we have your number he said ill just text you, which usually means that he wont, but he did, and it is super awesome. Next we were biking down this hill. This hill goes down, and then curves to the left halfway down the hill, and right at the curve there is a drive way off to the right. Well the hill is pretty steep, so we got going pretty fast. as we got to the curve there was a motorcycle turning into the drive way, and i guess he looked up the hill, and didnt see any cars, so he just gunned it to make it into the drive way. Elder Naef was about 40 feet infront of me, and he said that he barely missed the guy, and then he had to bunny hop a colvert, and go through someones drive way trying to slow down, well for me i missed the guy by like 2 or 3 yards, and i was drifting on my bike trying to not get hit. Looking back there was no way i should have missed him. I know i was be watched over and protected. then my last Miracle for Saturday is An Elder serving in Fort Scott called me, which was my first area, and he was telling me about a lady that i started teaching, and how she was getting baptized. It was really cool, but then he told me that he ran into a lady named Shannon, and her son Xavier. Me and my companion gave her son a blessing because when we were there he had recently been diagnosed with Autism. I remember the blessing being very spiritual, but Shannon was not interested in becoming a mormon so she never contacted us back. That Elder when he ran into her found out that a month later after the blessing she took her son into the Doctor, and the Autism was completely gone, and he started to learn to talk, and to read, and write. I am so glad i got to be apart of that, because its probably the coolest thing of my life. Then on Sunday Easter was great. We got Two huge meals, and it was a blast. Then we were visiting a part member family, and the 5 year old boy said the funniest thing in his prayer. He said "and bless that the preditors go somewhere else to find their food". I about died laughing at him, but that was my week. I Love Yall
Elder Sorensen

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