Monday, March 7, 2016

March 7, 2016

This week was pretty good i guess. On Monday we went to Fayettville because Elder Naef wanted to go and visit there, and we had some members give us a ride, so it wasn't a big deal. Well some crazy stuff went down while we were there, and we had to stay for a long time because a baby in the ward down there drowned,  and they gave her CPR she is in the hospital right now, and is doing ok, so it was really crazy. Then on Tuesday we went on Exchanges, and Elder Shore came over to Tahlequah with me. We had a pretty good day. We got a new investigator, and we taught a ton of lessons. Elder Shore is kinda a weird guy, but he had a good time together. On Wednesday it was a pretty normal day.  ON Thursday we woke up early and drove to this old cool bridge and watched the sun rise. On Friday there was a baptism in an area close by, so we went to it. It turns out there is a guy who lives in Muskogee Oklahoma is from Gunnison. His name is Roger Gail, and his parents live in Mayfield. So that was cool to meet him. Saturday a less active asked if we wanted to come and judge a robotics competition so we went and did that. It turns out it was the Oklahoma high school State competition. so i was a state championship judge for a high school robotics thing. It was way cool. then on Sunday after church we had a baptism. It was a boy whose mom was a less active member, but now she is coming back and her son is 10, so we got to be apart of it. It was really awesome. that was my week. I love yall
Elder Sorensen 

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