Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 19, 2017

Hey everyone! This week has been something! It is crazy that it is my last one! I tried to take a 
picture everyday that describes the day I had! 
Monday- We mixed it up a little bit and we went and played mini gold as a District! It was way 
fun, but I go smoked! Turns out I do not have the putting magic that I used to have! I also was 
able to hit in a batting cage for the first time on my mission! It was a blast! It was really a great 
day! Then we came back to the church and played volleyball! All around it was a good P day!

This is Elder Willouby in the back, Elder Fielding driving, and I in the car!
Tuesday- On Tuesday we went over to a less actives house and helped her plant a tree! I know 
a lot of you have never dug a hole in Missouri,  but shovels are basicly worthless! You need a 
digging bar to get anything done! It was also so dang hot! We spent most of the morning trying to 
get rid of rocks! We got her done though, and our tree is pretty nice! We also visited a Chiropractor 
because Elder Czirr has been having some neck problems! He twisted me around like a pretzel, 
and honestly I didnt really like it! We went on splits with some members in the evening, and we 
had some pretty good visits! It was all less actives, but they were very productive I think!

This is Elder Czirr and Is tree we planted!

​Wednesday- We had a District meeting on Wednesday! We were getting ready to start, and 
President Loveland calls and lets us know he is coming to our meeting! After the meeting he 
gave me my Departing interview! Normally it happens at the mission home, but because there 
are so many missionaries going home with me he had to do some before! It was way cool though 
he gave me a lot of advice about going home! I really enjoyed it! Then he wanted to take our 
District out to lunch so we did, and it was way funny because he forgot his wallet, so he had me 
use my mission card for everyone! and he said he would refund me! It was way funny! I love 
President Loveland! We went on exchanges after, and Elder Willougby came to Chesterfield with 
me! He is a convert of just over a year, so it was way fun to talk to him! We ended up moving a 
family, and let me tell you, It was super warm and humid! I was sweating so bad! It looked like I 
just stepped out of the shower! Wednesday was also the day my Ministerial certificate expired, 
so it was my last "Legal" day as a missionary!

This is me holding my Ministerial certificate that has expired! 

​Thursday- We exchanged back in the morning, and went and did our weekly computer training! 
Then I completed my last weekly planning session! Let me tell you I am very glad to be done 
with those! The best part of the day was we had a lesson with an investigator who is from some 
small Island! Her name is Junzy! The lesson went pretty good, and then she said the closing 
prayer! It was honestly the most humble/sincire prayer I have ever herd in my life! I am so excited 
that Elder Czirr will get to continue to teach her, and i am almost positive she will be baptized!

This is our weekly planning positions, and yes I am helping and paying attention! 

​Friday-That same family that we helped move on Wednesday ended up needing help again moving on Friday, so we went and helped out there! We moved this giant playhouse, and it was a sight to see that thing driving down the road on a trailer! It was BARLEY clearing the power lines, so that made things super interesting! It did make it safe and sound though! We had dinner with Cole (our investigator) and Bailee (His Fiance/ member)! It was way good! It was super fun to talk to them over dinner because they are both around my age, so that was way cool!

This is us eating dinner with Cole and Baliee, Cole is the far right, and Baliee is the only girl! 

​Saturday- Once again it was super hot on Saturday! Biking around gets really interesting, but it 
is way fun! Elder Czirr gave 2 baptism interviews in the afternoon, so it was way nice to get out 
of the sun, and in to some air conditioning! The two getting baptized in another ward were way 
cool as well! We went with the Republic Elders in the evening to visit a Less active family! They 
also gave us hair cuts, so that was super nice of them!

This is my hair after my last hair cut on my mission!

​Sunday- We had church, and it was good! In all three hours the lessons/talks were really good! 
It was kind of weird though because I said goodbye to a lot of people! It still really hasnt hit me 
that I am coming home, but I said goodbye to them none the less! We had our weekly MCM 
meeting after church, and it was way cool! Elder Czirr and I were able to talk to our ward 
missionaries (Two 18 year olds that have their papers in) and Share our testimonies of our missions! 
It was a way cool experience!

Elder Czirr and I talking a hallway selfie at church!

​Monday- We had my very last District meeting on Monday! It was way good! We talked about the 
Book of Mormon, and its role in Conversion! I really love the Book of Mormon! It has truly changed 
my life, so it was a good Meeting to end it off on! After we went with the Southern Hills Elders
 and played cards with some Older ladies! I got the best advice for finding a wife this 87 year 
old lady said " Make sure she is a Believer in Christ, make sure she is clean and can cook, and 
Make sure she can play cards!" It was a good time for sure! In the evening Our investigator who 
is getting baptized on August 6th had his baptism interview! He passed, and we are super 
pumped for him! He is an awesome guy!

This is our district! 

​Tuesday- We did service in the morning, and we just helped out at a thrift store! It was pretty 
boring honestly! We had a youth come with us to visit Junzy again, and I was able to leave my 
testiomony with her! It was awesome! I really like Junzy! We played basketball with a ton of non 
members last night, and it was so cool! After that We got permission to spend the night at the 
Republic Elders apartment because the computers we usually email on are not available today! 
So I only have 20 more minutes, so if I dont email you today that Is why, and I am sorry! It was 
a super fun night though!

This is us posting up next to a giant wooden Jesus carving the the Republic apartment! 

​Well everyone! I guess this is it! Thank you everyone for all the support that you have given me! 
I am very glad I have had the oppertunity to serve the Lord! It has been the greatest choice of 
my life! I will see you all very soon! 
Love Sorensen, for the last time as Elder!

Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

Hey everyone! This is my 2nd to last pday, so naturally this is my 2nd to last email! I am actually not really sure how I feel about it! My week was good though! I will get right into it! 
Monday- We had a normal pday! The exciting part is my Mother from the Mission, Sister Sherwood from Cassville ans some of her family came up and visited with me for like 30 minutes! It was pretty awesome to see the again! After they left we played the usually Basketball, and volleyball! It was way fun that day though! We also taught our last Lesson to Steven! He is getting baptized in August! He is leaving on a trip, and wont get his interview until the 17th, but It was a way good lesson! 
Tuesday- We did service at this thrift shop again! It was pretty weird the whole time they were having us put womens clothing on the racks, but we had to organize them, and I dont even know the first thing about womens clothing, so it was a interesting day for sure! It was also the 4th of July, so we were supposed to be with members all day! We didnt have anything set up, so we just played cards with some other missionaries! When it got closer to the evening we went over to some members and watched them Light off fireworks! It was a ton of fun! There were so many fireworks going off that I didnt even know what way to turn my head! It was a ton of fun! 
Wednesday- We had district meeting on Wednesday!  It was fun I guess! It was all about keeping a study journal, so that is about as exciting as it got there! The rest of the day was pretty boring! 
Thursday- We had the Bishops Storehouse on Thursday morning! It was a ton of fun! I got to help this guy who was one of the most humble/appreciative people I have met! After he got his food he started to help others get their food, and it was way cool! The rest of the day basically was spent on weekly planning! the good news is only 1 more of them ;) 
Friday- There is a companionship in our District that is struggling with each other, so we went on exchanges with them! I went to Southern Hills with Elder Swanson! He was cool! He is a greenie, so he is still new and figuring things out! I am pretty sure it was the hottest day of my life yesterday! It was around 100 degrees,  and then it was like 90% humidity! I am grateful I was in a car area for the day, and was able to get the AC! It was a good day though! 
Saturday- We exchanged back in the morning, and then we all went to lunch! We went to a pretty fun place! We had a way good time though! We also got a new investigator that is form Pompeii! She is way cool, and she  asks really good questions! It was way fun to teach her! 
Sunday- We spoke in church yesterday, and they asked us to prepare a 10 minute talk, and then we only ended up getting 5 minutes, but the good news it was on the same topic as my homecoming, so I just wrote a rough draft, and used it as a practice! 
Next week is transfer week, so I wont have Pday until Wednesday! 
Well Everyone have a great week! I will talk to you next week!
The one pic is just a average Missourian as a missionary, and then the other one is captioned "Trunky?!?! What makes you think im Trunky?!?!!?

Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017

Hey Everyone! This week like normal was a pretty good week! They seem to go by faster and faster! It always comes as a shock to me when I wake up and realize that it is P-day, and I get to email you guys again!
Monday- We had a pretty good Monday! We do about the same thing every week here, so it wasnt anything to exciting! We played Basketball, and volleyball! We accidentally went a little long, and we only had 15 minutes for both of us to shower and get ready for an appointment, but I will say this we both showered changed, and was ready to go, and we had a minute to spare! Then later that evening when we were out biking around it started to rain! It wasnt raining to hard, so it was pretty fun! We were having a good time! 
Tuesday- It was so hot on Tuesday! It was like 90 something degrees, and because it had rained all night it was so dang humid, so Elder Sorensen almost died on Tuesday! Luckily we made it through okay though! W e had an appointment with a member to go see a less active! We called and had everything set up! We got to their house, and they had recently moved! It was Empty! We called them again, and they turned out to have moved to a different part of Springfield, and they wernt even in our stake anymore! We also got to play basketball with some non members in the evening as well It was pretty fun!! 
Wednesday- I dont have to much to say about Wednesday! There are some members in our ward who are from Sullivan! We had dinner with them, so it was kind of fun to talk to them about Sullivan! 
Thursday- Thursday was also super boring! Most of the day we were weekly planning! I am not even going to lie, I am not going to miss weekly planning at all!!! A member did give Elder Czirr and I each a blanket, so that was kind of fun to get! We also got to have a dinner with a really cool Family! Their name is the Bauers, and I really like them! Their kids are all into sports, and they are way cool! 
Friday- WE had our District meeting on Friday in Branson! The meetings were really interesting! The topics for District meetings are getting so weird! During the meeting we had interviews with President and Sister Loveland! They were both pretty good! My interview with President Loveland was just renewing my temple recommend because that expired! Then Sister Loveland talked to me a lot about going home! It was kind of weird! This was my last interview until I go to the mission home to fly home! So that was crazy! 
Saturday- We spent most of the day moving a family! It was a pretty average move! I have been apart of worse, but I have been a part of better ones as well! The family was moving from one house in our ward into another, so we got to help them load up, and unload! It was pretty fun! These last few days have been like WWIII! There are so many fireworks going off it is insane! I can look out our bedroom window, and in one night see more fireworks in the space of an hour than there is in Sanpete county all year! It is crazy but cool! 
Sunday- Church was pretty good this Sunday! There was actually a really crazy testimony! I was so dang funny, and I was trying not to laugh the whole time! It was so funny though! The rest of the day was pretty fun! We had a ton of really good lessons that night as well! 
Well that was my week! I hope all of you have a really good week! Talk to you next week! 

Monday, June 26, 2017

June 26, 2017

Monday, June 19, 2017

June 19, 2017

Monday, June 12, 2017

Hey this week was pretty good!! It has been a little different being in Chesterfield, and it is way weird for both of us to be new! It was fun though!
Wednesday- We ended up going to Springdale a day early to spend P-day with all the missionaries up there! We played basketball at their stake center! It was a ton of fun! After we got done with basketball we went to a North West Arkansas Naturals game! They are a minor league, and it was a ton of fun! There was like 15 of us there! We had so much fun! That night we stayed the night with the missionaries there! I stayed with Elder Jackson, so that was a ton of fun to be with him! 
Thursday- It was the official transfer day, so around 8:30 am the van came and picked me up! I got to ride to a few different places, and that was fun! I also go to see a lot of my mission friends that I haven't talked to in a while! It was way good! I got to Springfield, and I got with Elder Czirr! That was pretty cool! A member fed us dinner, and they picked us up from our apartment! The second we stepped out of our apartment this cop pulled up to us and said "I dont think Soliciting is allowed here!" That is super funny because first of we arnt Soliciting we are proselyting! The member was right there, so he said " They live here!" The cop was just like oh well welcome, and drove off! It was so funny! It was a good introduction to Springfield!  That night the Sisters that we replaced had set up splits for us, so I went with a member, and Elder Czirr went with a different member! It went pretty good! The guy I went withs last name is Wallintine, and He was the Judys Bishop when they lived in Springfield! He knew them very well, and took me to their old house, and I took a picture in front of it! For those of you who dont know the Judys they live a few houses down from me, and Brother Judy used to be my Bishop, and helped me a ton to get me on my mission! So it was really cool to do all that stuff! 
Friday- Now both of us are new, so we did some planning on Friday! It is kind of hard to plan for an area that you know basically nothing about! The Sisters did take really good notes, so that did help!

Wednesday, June 7, 2017

June 7, 2017