Monday, July 3, 2017

July 3, 2017

Hey Everyone! This week like normal was a pretty good week! They seem to go by faster and faster! It always comes as a shock to me when I wake up and realize that it is P-day, and I get to email you guys again!
Monday- We had a pretty good Monday! We do about the same thing every week here, so it wasnt anything to exciting! We played Basketball, and volleyball! We accidentally went a little long, and we only had 15 minutes for both of us to shower and get ready for an appointment, but I will say this we both showered changed, and was ready to go, and we had a minute to spare! Then later that evening when we were out biking around it started to rain! It wasnt raining to hard, so it was pretty fun! We were having a good time! 
Tuesday- It was so hot on Tuesday! It was like 90 something degrees, and because it had rained all night it was so dang humid, so Elder Sorensen almost died on Tuesday! Luckily we made it through okay though! W e had an appointment with a member to go see a less active! We called and had everything set up! We got to their house, and they had recently moved! It was Empty! We called them again, and they turned out to have moved to a different part of Springfield, and they wernt even in our stake anymore! We also got to play basketball with some non members in the evening as well It was pretty fun!! 
Wednesday- I dont have to much to say about Wednesday! There are some members in our ward who are from Sullivan! We had dinner with them, so it was kind of fun to talk to them about Sullivan! 
Thursday- Thursday was also super boring! Most of the day we were weekly planning! I am not even going to lie, I am not going to miss weekly planning at all!!! A member did give Elder Czirr and I each a blanket, so that was kind of fun to get! We also got to have a dinner with a really cool Family! Their name is the Bauers, and I really like them! Their kids are all into sports, and they are way cool! 
Friday- WE had our District meeting on Friday in Branson! The meetings were really interesting! The topics for District meetings are getting so weird! During the meeting we had interviews with President and Sister Loveland! They were both pretty good! My interview with President Loveland was just renewing my temple recommend because that expired! Then Sister Loveland talked to me a lot about going home! It was kind of weird! This was my last interview until I go to the mission home to fly home! So that was crazy! 
Saturday- We spent most of the day moving a family! It was a pretty average move! I have been apart of worse, but I have been a part of better ones as well! The family was moving from one house in our ward into another, so we got to help them load up, and unload! It was pretty fun! These last few days have been like WWIII! There are so many fireworks going off it is insane! I can look out our bedroom window, and in one night see more fireworks in the space of an hour than there is in Sanpete county all year! It is crazy but cool! 
Sunday- Church was pretty good this Sunday! There was actually a really crazy testimony! I was so dang funny, and I was trying not to laugh the whole time! It was so funny though! The rest of the day was pretty fun! We had a ton of really good lessons that night as well! 
Well that was my week! I hope all of you have a really good week! Talk to you next week! 

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