Monday, July 10, 2017

July 10, 2017

Hey everyone! This is my 2nd to last pday, so naturally this is my 2nd to last email! I am actually not really sure how I feel about it! My week was good though! I will get right into it! 
Monday- We had a normal pday! The exciting part is my Mother from the Mission, Sister Sherwood from Cassville ans some of her family came up and visited with me for like 30 minutes! It was pretty awesome to see the again! After they left we played the usually Basketball, and volleyball! It was way fun that day though! We also taught our last Lesson to Steven! He is getting baptized in August! He is leaving on a trip, and wont get his interview until the 17th, but It was a way good lesson! 
Tuesday- We did service at this thrift shop again! It was pretty weird the whole time they were having us put womens clothing on the racks, but we had to organize them, and I dont even know the first thing about womens clothing, so it was a interesting day for sure! It was also the 4th of July, so we were supposed to be with members all day! We didnt have anything set up, so we just played cards with some other missionaries! When it got closer to the evening we went over to some members and watched them Light off fireworks! It was a ton of fun! There were so many fireworks going off that I didnt even know what way to turn my head! It was a ton of fun! 
Wednesday- We had district meeting on Wednesday!  It was fun I guess! It was all about keeping a study journal, so that is about as exciting as it got there! The rest of the day was pretty boring! 
Thursday- We had the Bishops Storehouse on Thursday morning! It was a ton of fun! I got to help this guy who was one of the most humble/appreciative people I have met! After he got his food he started to help others get their food, and it was way cool! The rest of the day basically was spent on weekly planning! the good news is only 1 more of them ;) 
Friday- There is a companionship in our District that is struggling with each other, so we went on exchanges with them! I went to Southern Hills with Elder Swanson! He was cool! He is a greenie, so he is still new and figuring things out! I am pretty sure it was the hottest day of my life yesterday! It was around 100 degrees,  and then it was like 90% humidity! I am grateful I was in a car area for the day, and was able to get the AC! It was a good day though! 
Saturday- We exchanged back in the morning, and then we all went to lunch! We went to a pretty fun place! We had a way good time though! We also got a new investigator that is form Pompeii! She is way cool, and she  asks really good questions! It was way fun to teach her! 
Sunday- We spoke in church yesterday, and they asked us to prepare a 10 minute talk, and then we only ended up getting 5 minutes, but the good news it was on the same topic as my homecoming, so I just wrote a rough draft, and used it as a practice! 
Next week is transfer week, so I wont have Pday until Wednesday! 
Well Everyone have a great week! I will talk to you next week!
The one pic is just a average Missourian as a missionary, and then the other one is captioned "Trunky?!?! What makes you think im Trunky?!?!!?

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