Wednesday, July 19, 2017

July 19, 2017

Hey everyone! This week has been something! It is crazy that it is my last one! I tried to take a 
picture everyday that describes the day I had! 
Monday- We mixed it up a little bit and we went and played mini gold as a District! It was way 
fun, but I go smoked! Turns out I do not have the putting magic that I used to have! I also was 
able to hit in a batting cage for the first time on my mission! It was a blast! It was really a great 
day! Then we came back to the church and played volleyball! All around it was a good P day!

This is Elder Willouby in the back, Elder Fielding driving, and I in the car!
Tuesday- On Tuesday we went over to a less actives house and helped her plant a tree! I know 
a lot of you have never dug a hole in Missouri,  but shovels are basicly worthless! You need a 
digging bar to get anything done! It was also so dang hot! We spent most of the morning trying to 
get rid of rocks! We got her done though, and our tree is pretty nice! We also visited a Chiropractor 
because Elder Czirr has been having some neck problems! He twisted me around like a pretzel, 
and honestly I didnt really like it! We went on splits with some members in the evening, and we 
had some pretty good visits! It was all less actives, but they were very productive I think!

This is Elder Czirr and Is tree we planted!

​Wednesday- We had a District meeting on Wednesday! We were getting ready to start, and 
President Loveland calls and lets us know he is coming to our meeting! After the meeting he 
gave me my Departing interview! Normally it happens at the mission home, but because there 
are so many missionaries going home with me he had to do some before! It was way cool though 
he gave me a lot of advice about going home! I really enjoyed it! Then he wanted to take our 
District out to lunch so we did, and it was way funny because he forgot his wallet, so he had me 
use my mission card for everyone! and he said he would refund me! It was way funny! I love 
President Loveland! We went on exchanges after, and Elder Willougby came to Chesterfield with 
me! He is a convert of just over a year, so it was way fun to talk to him! We ended up moving a 
family, and let me tell you, It was super warm and humid! I was sweating so bad! It looked like I 
just stepped out of the shower! Wednesday was also the day my Ministerial certificate expired, 
so it was my last "Legal" day as a missionary!

This is me holding my Ministerial certificate that has expired! 

​Thursday- We exchanged back in the morning, and went and did our weekly computer training! 
Then I completed my last weekly planning session! Let me tell you I am very glad to be done 
with those! The best part of the day was we had a lesson with an investigator who is from some 
small Island! Her name is Junzy! The lesson went pretty good, and then she said the closing 
prayer! It was honestly the most humble/sincire prayer I have ever herd in my life! I am so excited 
that Elder Czirr will get to continue to teach her, and i am almost positive she will be baptized!

This is our weekly planning positions, and yes I am helping and paying attention! 

​Friday-That same family that we helped move on Wednesday ended up needing help again moving on Friday, so we went and helped out there! We moved this giant playhouse, and it was a sight to see that thing driving down the road on a trailer! It was BARLEY clearing the power lines, so that made things super interesting! It did make it safe and sound though! We had dinner with Cole (our investigator) and Bailee (His Fiance/ member)! It was way good! It was super fun to talk to them over dinner because they are both around my age, so that was way cool!

This is us eating dinner with Cole and Baliee, Cole is the far right, and Baliee is the only girl! 

​Saturday- Once again it was super hot on Saturday! Biking around gets really interesting, but it 
is way fun! Elder Czirr gave 2 baptism interviews in the afternoon, so it was way nice to get out 
of the sun, and in to some air conditioning! The two getting baptized in another ward were way 
cool as well! We went with the Republic Elders in the evening to visit a Less active family! They 
also gave us hair cuts, so that was super nice of them!

This is my hair after my last hair cut on my mission!

​Sunday- We had church, and it was good! In all three hours the lessons/talks were really good! 
It was kind of weird though because I said goodbye to a lot of people! It still really hasnt hit me 
that I am coming home, but I said goodbye to them none the less! We had our weekly MCM 
meeting after church, and it was way cool! Elder Czirr and I were able to talk to our ward 
missionaries (Two 18 year olds that have their papers in) and Share our testimonies of our missions! 
It was a way cool experience!

Elder Czirr and I talking a hallway selfie at church!

​Monday- We had my very last District meeting on Monday! It was way good! We talked about the 
Book of Mormon, and its role in Conversion! I really love the Book of Mormon! It has truly changed 
my life, so it was a good Meeting to end it off on! After we went with the Southern Hills Elders
 and played cards with some Older ladies! I got the best advice for finding a wife this 87 year 
old lady said " Make sure she is a Believer in Christ, make sure she is clean and can cook, and 
Make sure she can play cards!" It was a good time for sure! In the evening Our investigator who 
is getting baptized on August 6th had his baptism interview! He passed, and we are super 
pumped for him! He is an awesome guy!

This is our district! 

​Tuesday- We did service in the morning, and we just helped out at a thrift store! It was pretty 
boring honestly! We had a youth come with us to visit Junzy again, and I was able to leave my 
testiomony with her! It was awesome! I really like Junzy! We played basketball with a ton of non 
members last night, and it was so cool! After that We got permission to spend the night at the 
Republic Elders apartment because the computers we usually email on are not available today! 
So I only have 20 more minutes, so if I dont email you today that Is why, and I am sorry! It was 
a super fun night though!

This is us posting up next to a giant wooden Jesus carving the the Republic apartment! 

​Well everyone! I guess this is it! Thank you everyone for all the support that you have given me! 
I am very glad I have had the oppertunity to serve the Lord! It has been the greatest choice of 
my life! I will see you all very soon! 
Love Sorensen, for the last time as Elder!

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