Monday, January 25, 2016

January 25, 2016

this week was a pretty good week. We taught a ton of lessons. We called our whole branch roster and set up some appointments with less actives, and that went really good i thought. We taught a bunch of them, and  they seemed like they were all good lessons. We have one investigator that is looking really promising and also another one that is really good potential. I went on exchanges on Wednesday. Elder Thomas came to Cassville with me. We had a pretty good day, and we taught quit a few lessons. We also had a world wide missionary training meeting last wednesday. That was really good i learned a ton. On thursday i was eating lunch and a crown came off of my tooth, so i had to get that re glued on. that was a great experiance. haha not really.  But Yesterday i spoke in church. I spoke on being Genuine. then in sunday school there was almost a fight between two members over deep doctrine. Our branch president had to step in and stop the fighting. It was awesome. But that was my week basically. I Love Yall
Elder Sorensen 

Monday, January 18, 2016

January 18, 2016

​Hey YallI
I have had a pretty crazy week this week. So on Monday we went up to stocken to play volleyball with our district. We thought it was only 30 miles away, and it turned out it was 76 miles away, so we had a lot of driving to do. Volleyball was a blast though. Then on Tuesday Elder Thompson started saying all of his goodbyes. It was really weird to be there with him while he was doing that, because last time my companion left I left too, so we both said goodbye. This time it was just him, so I felt awkward because I am staying. Then on Thursday I got my new companion. Elder Day. He is from Evenston Wyoming. a fun fact about him is he went to the same school as my MTC companion and they know each other so that is really cool. He has been on his mission for 21 months so he is almost done. Then Friday was a great day. So we were looking through our apartment and I found this ugly brown suit. The pants were a little small for me, but I wore them anyway. They looked like brown yoga pants on me, but they were long enough so I wore them all day. It was so funny. Then we taught one of our investigators named Marcie. She hasn't been progressing very much lately, but we had such an amazing lesson, and she came to church on Sunday which was awesome. We still have a long ways to go with her, but we are getting close. Then at night I burned my tie for my 6 month mark. This is a tie I got in fort scott at a second hand store. I got it for free. I soaked it in lighter fluied and lit it on fire. so I guess it surpised me how quick the whole thing caught on fire so In the picture I attaced to it you can see the look of surprise in my eyes. But this week has been great. Mostly just running around having elder day meet everyone. I love you all so much
Elder Sorensen

Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

Hey Yall! how is it going? this week was a bitter sweet week. So we had a pretty busy week. We taught almost everyone that we normaly teach twice, and it all went pretty good. Our recent convert brandon came out with us 3 diffrent days, and we had great lessons. On Wednesday i went on Exchanges with Elder Marques in Carthage. He is a spanish elder too, so i just sat there and listened most of the time, but he is a lot of fun. he was born in italy, but his parents were from brazil so they moved back and forth between the two countrys, so he knows italian and portuguese. Then after he graduated he wanted to learn english so he moved to salt lake. where he decided he wanted to go on a mission. he got called to a spanish speaking mission, so he know 4 languages. he is super smart, and way cool. So that was my sweet part of the week. The bitter part is that we got our transfer calls and Elder Thompson is leaving. I know me and him havent always had the greatest relationship, but these past two weeks i grew really close to him, and i really dont want him to leave, but i hear my new companion is cool, and if i remember right Elder Grey will be in my district, so i am excited for that. but have a great week and i love you
Elder Sorensen

Monday, January 4, 2016

January 4, 2016

This week was a pretty average week. We did a lot of service. We helped this family try and fix a leak in their plumming almost every day, and we finally got it all done on Saturday. We also spent a lot of time helping people with the damage that the flood last week caused.  We did everything from moving hay bails to fixing fence. we did a lot. Then on wednesday we went on exchanges with our district leader. i went to Carthage with Elder Thomas. That was really diffrent because he is a spanish elder. so the whole day i just sat there while he taught in spanish, but it was a ton of fun. Then it was a pretty slow week until sunday. So the guy who got baptized a few weeks ago wasnt able to make it to church the last few weeks so he got confirmed yesterday. Elder Thompson got to do that. Then after church he got the Aaronic Priesthood, and i got to give that to him, so that was really special for me. It was awesome. I loved yesterday. He got confirmed a member, given the priesthood, and set apart for his calling all in the same day. It was cool. but that was my week. I Love Yall
Love Elder Sorensen