Monday, January 11, 2016

January 11, 2016

Hey Yall! how is it going? this week was a bitter sweet week. So we had a pretty busy week. We taught almost everyone that we normaly teach twice, and it all went pretty good. Our recent convert brandon came out with us 3 diffrent days, and we had great lessons. On Wednesday i went on Exchanges with Elder Marques in Carthage. He is a spanish elder too, so i just sat there and listened most of the time, but he is a lot of fun. he was born in italy, but his parents were from brazil so they moved back and forth between the two countrys, so he knows italian and portuguese. Then after he graduated he wanted to learn english so he moved to salt lake. where he decided he wanted to go on a mission. he got called to a spanish speaking mission, so he know 4 languages. he is super smart, and way cool. So that was my sweet part of the week. The bitter part is that we got our transfer calls and Elder Thompson is leaving. I know me and him havent always had the greatest relationship, but these past two weeks i grew really close to him, and i really dont want him to leave, but i hear my new companion is cool, and if i remember right Elder Grey will be in my district, so i am excited for that. but have a great week and i love you
Elder Sorensen

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