Monday, June 12, 2017

Hey this week was pretty good!! It has been a little different being in Chesterfield, and it is way weird for both of us to be new! It was fun though!
Wednesday- We ended up going to Springdale a day early to spend P-day with all the missionaries up there! We played basketball at their stake center! It was a ton of fun! After we got done with basketball we went to a North West Arkansas Naturals game! They are a minor league, and it was a ton of fun! There was like 15 of us there! We had so much fun! That night we stayed the night with the missionaries there! I stayed with Elder Jackson, so that was a ton of fun to be with him! 
Thursday- It was the official transfer day, so around 8:30 am the van came and picked me up! I got to ride to a few different places, and that was fun! I also go to see a lot of my mission friends that I haven't talked to in a while! It was way good! I got to Springfield, and I got with Elder Czirr! That was pretty cool! A member fed us dinner, and they picked us up from our apartment! The second we stepped out of our apartment this cop pulled up to us and said "I dont think Soliciting is allowed here!" That is super funny because first of we arnt Soliciting we are proselyting! The member was right there, so he said " They live here!" The cop was just like oh well welcome, and drove off! It was so funny! It was a good introduction to Springfield!  That night the Sisters that we replaced had set up splits for us, so I went with a member, and Elder Czirr went with a different member! It went pretty good! The guy I went withs last name is Wallintine, and He was the Judys Bishop when they lived in Springfield! He knew them very well, and took me to their old house, and I took a picture in front of it! For those of you who dont know the Judys they live a few houses down from me, and Brother Judy used to be my Bishop, and helped me a ton to get me on my mission! So it was really cool to do all that stuff! 
Friday- Now both of us are new, so we did some planning on Friday! It is kind of hard to plan for an area that you know basically nothing about! The Sisters did take really good notes, so that did help!

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