Monday, March 21, 2016

March 21, 2016

​Hey Yall
This week was a pretty fun week. On last monday we went hiking, and it was a blast. We had a few other missionaries with us, and we had one of our investigators with us. We climbed to the top on this rock hanging over a valley, and it was awesome​. Then on Tuesday we had a zone Conference in Tulsa. It was pretty good, but it was really long. It started at 8:30 and didnt get over until 4, so it was kinda a long day. Wednesday nothing to crazy happened, we just did our normal thing, but on Thursday we met this guy named big will, and he was the funniest/ most inappropriate person i have met. He was so funny to talk to. Then on Friday we were driving the car on some dirt roads, and i guess we hit a rock wrong or something, and our tire started to leak air. We called the guy who is in charge of our cars, and he told us that if we could we should go to the closest firestone because we have a national account with them. so We had to drive to Fayetteville. It is about a hour and 15 minute drive, so we stopped about ever 20 minutes and put more air in the tire. It was fun. Then on Sunday we were looking for a less active for our bishop, and the address he gave us didnt exist, so we knocked on the closest door. It ended up being a house that had like 12 torn apart double wide trailers, at least 20 broken toilets, thousands upon thousands of car parts, and 10 dogs all on the front lawn waiting for us.  Now you know when you seen those old one bedroom wood housed that have holes in the walls, and the roof is half caving in, and it is all covered in Tarps well the only reason we knocked on this house is because the porch light was on. When we knocked this guy yelled one minute. When he finally came to the door he just was putting on some pants. It was kinda awkward because clearly this guys was butt naked when we knocked, but he was nice. his name was lester, and he said he had lived in that same house since he was born, and he was 65, so it was cool to see that, but honestly i thought he was going to answer the door, and start shooting at us. But ya its been a great week, and i love yall
Elder Sorensen

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