Monday, December 19, 2016

December 19, 2016

Hey Everyone! This week was a pretty good one!
On Wednesday It was our P day, so we went over to Salem because Elder Hess is getting transferred! We spent most of the day at a members house! This member was a pretty funny guy! He is 40 years old, and acts 19, so we had a ton of fun! When we got back to Sullivan we went over to a members house for dinner, and after dinner we played Canasta! That was pretty fun, and I will just say this my team SMOKED the other team! It was awesome! 
On Thursday It was a slow day! we stopped by a ton of people, but we had no luck Thursday! About the only good part about Thursday was that it was officially my 17 month mark! That is crazy that I am at 17 months! Time sure does go by so quick! 
On Friday we had a service where a company from St. Louis delivers food to that food pantry and then we have like a drive threw food pantry where people can get food! Well It was pretty cold, so we had all of it inside, and people just took a cart and took the food out to their cars and then brought the cart back! There was one part of it that was outside, and I ended up doing that part! I handed out dairy products as people were walking out! It was actually pretty fun! I got to wish almost everyone a merry Christmas! Well that night it got pretty cold, and there was a mist in the air, so there was ice everywhere! It made it kind of fun to drive lol! We played basketball with the youth for a while! We played inside the church, and in Sullivan there is not a big basketball gym! It is only as big as the free throw line, and then there is the big curtain that leads into the chapel! We always open those curtains to give us a little more room, and then put chalk boards in the way so that the ball wont go into the Chapel! One of the youth brought one of their non-member friends! We have played with him a bunch of times! He is there almost every time we play! His name is Derick! Well we played a pretty good joke on him! So the ball bounced under one of the chalk boards and into the chapel, so Derick ran and got it, but all of us started to "freak out" telling him that he cant be in there! It was so funny because he was so scared! We later told him that we were just kidding and that he could go into the Chapel, but he was so scared it was priceless! We also had the Ward Christmas party!  It was pretty fun! It wasnt anything to crazy! We just had dinner, and Santa came and visited! It was pretty fun! We played with the kids almost the whole time! 
On Saturday it was still way cold, and misty, so most of the roads were icy, but we made the trek out to St. Clair (15 miles away) because we had an appointment! It was with this lady who is about 75 years old! Her name is Joanne! She is super sweet! We taught her the Restoration! It went really good, and she committed to read the Book of Mormon every night! We went to dinner with a member and he took us to Applebees, and there was a couple that walked in that were on a date! They were all dressed up all nice! He was wearing a suit, and she was wearing a dress! Well about half way through he split his drink all over his suit, and it was funny, but I felt so bad for the pour guy! At about 8 president sent out a text telling us to park our cars because it was getting way icy! We actually didnt get the text until 9 so we drove for an hour before, but then it was time to go to the apartment any way! Well just as we walked into the apartment it started to snow! It didnt snow very much! maybe only half an inch, but it was awesome! 
On Sunday we wernt allowed to drive our car, and President Loveland told us that try and get rides from members to appointments, but dont go out walking, biking, or tracting! We got a ride to Church, and it was only a small Sacrament meeting, but the speakers did a way good job! Then after that we had to spend the day in the apartment because we didnt have appointments! It was a LONG day! We made it through and all is well now! we are able to use our car again!
Well that is about it for my week! I love and miss you all so much! Merry Christmas
Love Elder Sorensen 

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