Monday, February 8, 2016

February 8, 2016

This week was an interesting week. We went fishing last monday, and we did not catch a fish. It was in a river that we later found out that they feed the fish, so we didn't even get a bite. Then on Wednesday we had our district meeting. That was pretty good, but I am kinda in a weird district. There is only 3 sets of missionaries in our district including us, and the others are kinda odd, but it is not a big deal. Then after we taught an investigator named Brenda. She is a legally blind lady who is Soooooooo funny. But that lesson went really good. she shad she wants to pray about being baptised. Then on Thursday our phone broke. It has been a really interesting weekend. We haven't been able to make and calls or texts because our phone wont turn on. So we did not have a ton of luck setting up appointments, but it was still fun. Hopefully they get us our new phone soon. I Love Yall so much
Elder Sorensen 

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