Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May 30, 2016

This week was a pretty good week! We had a pretty good time on Monday! We were with all of our district! We have met with Ciera 3 times this week, and she is so ready to be baptised! The ward here loves her! They all want her to sit by her, and all are trying to help us as much as the can Which is so awesome! Wednesday i had a nother district meeting, and it went pretty good i guess! We had some really good teaching visits for the rest of the week, On Thursday we had our car parked on the side of the road and we were out tracking, well some guy needed to be right where our car was, so when we got back he was cussing up a storm at us, and i was like ok we will move our car, and he just kept hollerin at us, and letting us know we were in the wrong. Well my companinon is still pretty knew, and she he thought that he could try and convert this guy! Well im just going to try and tell yall what was going on, but i dont think i can do it justice! Elder Wisden asked him if he was religious, and stood outside of the car! Well this guy was getting way ticked, and so the more my comp talked to closer, louder, and more vulger this guy got! Pretty soon he and this other guy, are about 10 feet away, and they are acting like they are going to mugg him or something! Well finally i had to roll down his window and tell him to get in the car! so he did, and as we are driving off he asked me "what could we have done better to get that guy interested?" what i said back was "you realize that guy was gonna kill you" He never answered untill later that night, and i guess he finally put together all that happened, and he was just freaking out! it was actually kinda funny! then On Saturday we were out doing service at a members farm, and we found, and killed a copper head snake! I am told they are super poisonis so that was pretty neat! That is me holding the snake! Yesterday Ceria chose a spot to be baptised! I dont remember if i told you or not, but she is going to be baptised in a river! So its going to be way fun! Elder Naef gets to come back and baptize her because he is close, and that is who she wants! I am way excited! Today we are going to go fishing, and we are going to have a few missionaries with us! i will try and remember to take a picture of us! Thats really all for my week! I love you and miss you all
Elder Sorensen 

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