Tuesday, March 7, 2017

March 6, 2017

Hey everyone! This week was a pretty good one! There was some rough patches, but for the most part it turned out alright! 
Monday- Monday was a really really really good day! After we got done emailing we got a call, and they said our car is done! Due to the fact of they have told us this 3 other times we proceeded with caution, but It turns out that it was really done!! That was a good day to finally after 3 weeks get our car back!! It was pretty funny we went out to a families house for dinner, and they have a few younger dogs! Well they started to "fight"! It was mostly play fighting, but they were growling pretty loud! Elder Butler doesnt like dogs very much, and they started to get closer to him, and he hopped up on the couch, and was trying as hard as he can to get higher! It was pretty funny to watch him! We also had a pretty good time with this family! I would give you the details on what we did, but due to the fact that my mom posts this on the internet, and some of the wrong people might read it I will leave you guessing lol! It wasn't anything to bad though!
 Tuesday- We went out to do our service at the food pantry, and it is such a huge blessing to have that car! It is about a 5 minute drive in the car compared to a 30 minute bike ride! It was pretty slow at the food pantry though! It seems like there is never people there, so I dont even know what goes on there! So i learned something on Tuesday, I learned that it is said Chest of Drawers, and not chesterdrawers! Mine was really crappy, so a member got a free one, and gave it to me, and we had a little English lesson, and I learned how to properly say Chest of Drawers!! 
Wednesday- We had district meeting in Sallisaw again! It was pretty good! Elder Crowther, our district leader, does a pretty good job with district meetings! We were going over the first discussion trying to become better at teaching it! After the meeting we went on Exchanges! Elder Thomas came with Elder Butler and myself to Poteau! We had a pretty good time! It is always good to have a mix up! For some weird reason we exchanged back later that night, so that was kind of weird, but it wasnt to bad I guess! 
Thursday- Well for some reason Thursday always seems to be the slowest days of the week, and once again it was slow! We did a lot of knocking doors, and i swear we knocked for a couple of hours, and not one door answered! We gave up on that idea and started by less actives! Eventually we were all in a super bad mood, and really not wanting to do anything! I whipped out my penny  board, and taught them how to ride it! Ultimatly they loved it, and said that they are going to buy one if they stay with me another transfer, so I think that I did alright in lighting the mood up! 
Friday- Well Elder Olsen felt sick, and was being a really big jerk! He didnt want to leave the apartment, so we left him there! I know that it probably wasnt the best idea, but i was pretty done with him, so Elder Butler and I went out, and had a pretty good day! We talked to a bunch of people, and even got to install a air conditioner unit into someones window! That was pretty interesting! We sure jimmy rigged that bugger in there, but it sure is staying! We also had an opportunity to go on a short 5 minute hike, and it was way cool! We found a sick view that if i remember to attach it we have some pictures! 
Saturday- There was a youth temple trip, and they also invited a recent convert that got baptized before i got here to go! He was planning on going, and that means that we were going to be able to go with them as well! Well Saturday morning he called us, and said he was sick, so he couldnt make it! That kind of sucked honestly! Instead of spending the day in the temple we finished up trying by all the less actives in Poteau! So far we havent had to much luck with them, so we are going to try a few of the other towns in our area next! Saturday night a youth wanted me to cut his hair, so i was able to do that! It turned out pretty good! I dont want to brag, but it wasnt bad! 
Sunday- We had chruch, and it went alright! It was fast and testimony meeting, and it was a pretty good meeting actually! After church Elder Butler and Elder Olsen had a 2 and a half hour talk with each other! The whole time they were trying to figure everything out I was talking with that member I was telling you about when I first got here that was wearing blue jeans and boots to church! He is so awesome! He gave me a bar of homemade soap! He is so funny! 
Well that was the main highlights of me week! Just for your information next week is transfers, so i will not be emailing until Wednesday! I sure love and miss you guys so much!!
Elder Jordan Sorensen 

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