Wednesday, March 15, 2017

March 15, 2017

Hey everyone! This week has been a long, but good one! I tell you these transfer weeks when we have to wait an extra two days sometimes they feel way long! It was a good week though!
Monday- We had hair cuts in the morning! It was way weird because a member scheduled them for us, and they were at 7:45 in the morning! They went great, but it was weird to have it that early! The rest of the day was slow! We took a pretty good nap that was much needed! 
Tuesday- In the morning a member texted us, and asked us to move a piano! They said it was super heavy, so we were way nervous, but it was a pretty basic piano, so it wasn't to bad at all! Afterwards we went to that food pantry, and helped out there! There was literally not one person that came in, so we were pretty bored the whole time, but we tried to find ways to entertain ourselves, so it wasn't to bad! We had a member take us out to eat a pizza buffet for dinner! While I was getting food one of the workers came up, and started to talk to me! We were keeping a pretty casual conversation going on when all of a sudden out of random she told me that she had the next day off work! It was kind of weird, and then I noticed she wasnt doing anything at the buffet she was just picking up spatulas and putting them back down trying to stay there! Now she wasn't an ugly girl, so It got a little weird so I wrapped up the conversation! It turns out Elder Olsen was standing there the whole time! We both concluded she was hitting on me, and wanted me to ask her on a date the next night! It was a good feeling to know that I still got it!! 
Wednesday- We had a normal district meeting in Sallisaw! That was way good! I learned a ton at that one!  After district meeting we have an investigator living in a care center! We were teaching her when this CRAZY lady came up to us, and just starts talking! Honestly I could write a whole weekly email just on that hour! She talked and talked and talked! The funniest thing she said was when some people next to us wernt listing to her read a pamphlet we gave her she said very loudly "DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP PREACHING? DO YOU WANT ME TO STOP PREACHING?? BECAUSE IM NOT GOING TO< SO YOU ARE JUST GOING TO HAVE TO LEAVE!" Then she went right on reading! It was so funny I about died of laughter! 
Thursday- Honestly Thursday was super slow again! We did a ton of planning! The only interesting thing that happened on Thursday is that we went on a split, and Elder Olsen and I went and visited a less active sister who is black! She was way funny! It was a pretty boring day though! 
Friday- We did a lot of less active work that day, and didnt have much sucsess! It was Elder Olsens 19th birthday, so we did have a little party at our Branch Mission Leaders house that was a ton of fun! 
Saturday- Elder Butler and I took on a challenge of changing a riding lawn mowers belts while Elder Olsen went and visited people! Well we worked on that dang mower for 4 hours! It seemed like every time we fixed a problem it caused another one! It was a mess, but I had a blast doing it! Again this day was a pretty boring day besides that, so I dont have a ton to report for it! 
Sunday- Well as you all are probably aware it was Daylight savings which sprung forward! That sucked lol! We had Branch Conference! It was way good, but one of the weird parts is they had us sing with the youth in a choir! It went ok though! The rest of the day we went to a members house, and helped them clear some wood! 
Monday- We had district meeting in Fort Smith! It was an intense district meeting! So we were asked to instruct as a companionship! Well Elder Crowther was talking, and all of a sudden None other than President Loveland came in, and sat right on down next to me! Not 2 minutes after we did some role plays, and President was my partner! Talk about intimidating! It went ok, and our instruction went pretty good I think as well! We also went fishing with a less active member! It was a ton of fun! It was way windy though, so that made it kind of rough! I got a letting in the mail that is setting up my flight home! I need to mail it back with some information! That is kind of crazy to think about! Time is sure flying by! 
Tuesday- It was another boring day, and this email is already long, so I wont go into it, but at night we got our transfer calls! Elder Olsen is being transferred to Springfield, and Elder Butler and I are staying together in Poteau! I am way excited for that! 
Well the only other thing I have is today is officially my 20th month mark!!!!! TIme is sure flying by out here! I love you and miss you all a ton!! 
Love Elder Sorensen 
Ps The first is of us fishing (obviously) and the second is of that lady at the care center who was "preaching" to us! 

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