Monday, March 20, 2017

March 20, 2017

Hey everyone! This week was another good one! It seems like at this point, most of them are at least good! This one will be a little shorter because it has been less days, but it was good! 
Wednesday- It was a pretty good day! We went up to Fort Smith, and played basketball! It was a ton of fun! Our whole zone was there, and It was a good, much needed day of basketball! After we got back to Poteau we got invited to go to Young mens activity! They were blowing up tannerite, and shoot clay pigeons! We also made hobo dinners! I didnt get the chance to shoot (because I am a missionary) That was kind of rough, but it all was still fun! The Young Men here are really cool! There isnt a ton of them, but I like them! 
Thursday- It was a pretty long day Thursday! Elder Olsen didnt start packing until 11:30 and we had to get up at 5, so there wasnt a ton of sleep that night! We had to go to Springdale to transfer point, and that is about a 2 hour drive! It was so good to see some of the missionaries that I havnt saw in a while! I got to go to lunch with Elder Jackson! That is always fun! After transfers was all said and done we had a few minutes, and so we went and checked out the University of Arkansas football stadium! We also checked out a few cool stores in Fayetville! It was a pretty fun day! We didnt make it home until late, so it was a long day! I also got to come back to an actual bed for the first time in a transfer, so that was a huge blessing!!!!
Friday- We took Friday, and took most of the morning and was planning! It was kind of rough, but we got through it, and tried to have a good time with it! Friday was actually the best day of the week! around 5 Seth Naef, formally known as Elder Naef came with Ciera Harper from Tahleqauh, and visited with me! Honesty it was awesome! I have really missed both of them! They are both doing really good! At 5:30 Seth let me know that it was St. Patrick's day! Honestly I had no idea the whole day! 
Saturday- We had a member come out with us who is the biggest example to me! He is like 80 years old, He had a stroke about 2 years ago, so he cant walk, he has all sorts of medical conditions, and yet he is at church every single Sunday, and he comes out with the missionaries at least once a week! He is an amazing man!  Unfortunately we didnt have a ton of success! We were trying to find less actives at the edge of our area, and we had 6 names, and addresses! 3 of those addresses were vacant lots that didnt even have a house on them, but they had the mail box! That was kind of weird! We had a ton of fun with the member though! That night we had a Taco fry at a members house with a few families active, less active, and non members alike! It was a ton of fun, and way good I might add! 
Sunday- We had Church, and Honestly it was a pretty basic day of church! Nothing to crazy happened! We did go to a way fun families house for after church dinner! It was fun they lived in Hawaii for a few years, so they made us some Hawaiian food! It was way good! Then we went and took the Sacrament to a few Shut ins!
Honestly that was the highlights of my week! This coming week should be another good one! I sure love and miss you all a bunch! 

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