Monday, April 3, 2017

April 3, 2017

Hey everyone! This week was a pretty good one as well! They are all good at this point really! This one seemed to fly by though! It was way fast for me! There wasnt anything to crazy happening! It was just fast!
Monday- It was a pretty good P-day! We were out at a members house doing Laundry! It was pretty fun I guess, but nothing to crazy happened there! They did buy us lunch which was way nice of them! When we got done doing our Laundry I took a nap! It was pretty good actually! (Dont worry this week our p day will be more exciting! We are planning on playing Frisbee golf!) 
Tuesday- We had the service at the food pantry! Now it was still pretty slow, but it was the fastest day by far! Most of the time there we were spraying for wasps rather than doing anything with food, but it was still way fun! Afterwards Brother Fountain, The Awesome guy who comes out with us every week, Took us out again! We have a list that our ward clerk gave us that has a bunch of new addresses for members that we need to try by, so we took him out on those! It was way fun to be with him! We also had another member come out with us in the evening! We got a new investigator from a media referral! His name is Matt! He is way cool! The biggest problem with him is he lives 45 minutes away from us! I am excited for him though! We also visited a less active family! There are some crazy people in this world! These people have almost nothing! The dad has a job at McDonalds, and the mom doesnt work! They have 6 kids, and there house is kind of nasty! Well they got their tax return last week, and bought the biggest set of speakers for their TV i have ever laid eyes on! The boxes were about 5 and a half feet tall! There was two of them, and the biggest speaker way about 15" in diameter! There was all sorts of speakers on them, and they were $800 dollars! Some people priorities lol!
Wednesday- We had Zone Training in Fort Smith! It was pretty good actually! I learned a ton there! Most of what we talked about was how to improve teaching! A skill that we were trying to make better was using silence to let the Spirit teach! After the meeting there is a Sister Missionary who just got transferred into our zone! It turns out that her Mom grew up in Gunnison, and her grandma still lives there! She said she lives right behind Subway by Hermanson mill! Crazy stuff! It is a small world! 
Thursday- We had our planning day, and we also had a member come out with us! Whenever we go with members we try and knock out that list of new addresses if we dont have any appointments! Well it was pretty boring! Not a single person answered the door that day! We sure kept knocking though! Eventually it was time for dinner! So a quick side story! Elder Butler is the jumpiest person I have ever met in my life! The other day we were eating lunch, and I dropped a fry, and swooped my arm down really fast to catch it, and it made him jump! He jumps at everything! Now back to dinner! So it came up in conversation that Elder Butler was jumpy! Well the kids wanted to test it without him knowing two left the room! The 13 year old girl slowly walking in the room, and jumped out at Elder Butler and he of coursed jumped! Then about 2 and a half seconds later the 5 year old boy fake threw a paper air plane at Elder Butler causing him to jump again! It was Hilarious! If you remember last week I was talking about the Lewis family! He is a black guy who loves sports! Well we went out and taught his family the restoration, and it went really good! He really is starting to progress! Now his whole family are members, but it is still way cool to see them take these steps forward! 
Friday- We had a church tour with a investigator, and it was way good for her to come and see the church! We also had a crazy good lesson about the Book of Mormon, and she said she would read and pray about it every night! It was so cool! Brother Fountain came out with us again, and we didnt have a ton of time with him, but he said a super funny quote he said "Elders When you go home and get married, and are looking for a place to live, Make sure you get a house that has 4 or 5 acres! That way you can take your kids out and beat them without disturbing the neighbors" Now he was joking.... I think! But it was way funny! We also had the opportunity to catch a youths baseball game! He is a priest, and right now isnt planning on serving a mission, but we are tying to get him to come out with us, and the baseball game is all part of the plan to get him to like us more! It worked! He hasn't come out with us, but is a lot more open to us right now!  
Saturday- In the morning we were actually on a roof fixing a hole in the roof, and re shingling a part of it! Let me tell you I have never done that before, but I learned a ton! It took us a long time though! It was just Elder Butler and I doing it! Because of it we actually missed the first session of Conference, so that kinda sucked, but thank goodness they have those things online! The second session was really good! I think a way common thing that stood out to me was being a Disciple! I thought that was way cool! The Priesthood session was cool as well, but there was only 4 members from our ward at the building which was kind of lame! There was some way good stuff though! 
Sunday- Well honestly it was just conference that was the highlight of Sunday, and I dont want to bore you guys to much more, but I will say this! That was my last conference of my mission which is kind of crazy to think about! 
Ya my week was great! I love and miss yall so much!
Elder Jordan Sorensen
ps the picture is just a mail box I found in the middle of no where

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