Monday, April 17, 2017

April 17, 2017

Hey Everyone! Happy Late Easter! I had a pretty good week! Just a forewarning I didn't take a single picture this week, so there won't be any on here today! I am sorry about that, and I will work on it for next week! I did have a pretty good week though! 
Monday- We went to Fort Smith on Monday, and played some basketball! It was a ton of fun! It was much needed to! It had been a while since I had the opportunity to do that, so it was great! That was about the only exciting thing that happened on Monday! 
Tuesday- We helped out at that food pantry! It was an average day there! There was a new lady working there, and she was crazy, so there was a ton of laughing that was going on! A member came out with us, and it was kind of funny we had a list of people that we wanted to stop by and see, and he pulled up to our apartment and said "do you have any appointments?" When we told him that we didn't have anything set he said "Great! Thats what i was hopping for! I need your help with a treadmill!" So we went and helped him! It was just funny that he really didn't want to go see people he just wanted help, but we were glad to help! 
Wednesday- It was a really big day on Wednesday for a couple of reasons! #1 We had district meeting! It was some way good stuff! It was about asking questions, so it was cool! #2 We also had interviews with President and Sister Loveland! It was awesome! President Loveland gave me a blessing, and it was way awesome! Sister Loveland was really cool to, and she didn't punch me this time, so that was way good lol! #3 We went on Exchanges after the meeting! I went up to Sallisaw with Elder Crowther! That was a ton of fun! I really like him! and last but not least #4 Wednesday was the day that marked 100 days until I come home, so that was really crazy!!!! 
Thursday- We did a weird exchange back where Elder Butler went up to Sallisaw with Elder Crowther, and Elder Taylor came back to Poteau with me! We had a pretty good day in Poteau! We had a member come out with us, and he was way funny! He is planning on moving here soon, and you can tell he really wants to be gone for some reason! When we went to dinner the kids really wanted to have an Easter egg hunt, so we did that will them, and it was way funny these kids wanted to hide them for us, and the put those eggs in some of the craziest places! One of them was inside a guitar! It was funny! We also got two new really interested investigators! That was way awesome! They are both praying to find a church, so it was way cool! 
Friday- When we exchanged back for real this time We had Elder Crowther do Savannahs baptism interview! That went really good because she passed, so that is really awesome! She is going to be baptized on Saturday the 22nd! That should be way cool! The rest of the day was pretty slow except we had Brother Fountain (I have talked about him a lot) come out with us, and he and this older guy had a hour and 15 minute talk about war stories, so needles to say we really didn't get a lesson in that time! It was kind of funny though! 
Saturday- Well on Saturday it was my 21 month mark! That is crazy! 21 whole months!!!!!!!!! It was a big day for sure! Unfortunately there is nothing you burn for that, so that was not as fun, but still good! We had a lunch out at a part members house, and they invited a ton of people to come out at eat! We were thinking that it was going to be a great missionary opportunity, so we were excited! The only people who would talk to us at all were members, so that was kinda lame, but it was still way fun! The Stake had a youth activity in Poteau! They had dinner, so we got invited to dinner! After wards there was a dance! It was kind of funny we were standing next to some members! As soon as the music started up we got out of there so fast! It was way funny! 
Sunday- It was Easter Sunday, and here in this area Easter services are packed, and there was hardly an empty seat in our chapel! It was way awesome! The speakers however were something else! The first guy just read a paper, so it wasn't to interesting! The second guy he was interesting! He got up and said 
"I used to be a Assembly of God Preacher, and I was nervous ever sermon I gave! I used to dip into the wine stash and ease a little of the nerves before each time! I guess thats why them call them SPIRITS at the liquor store because man that sure puts you in a good spirit"
Honestly I was laughing so hard I had to go to the bathroom because it was so funny that he would say that over the pulpit The rest of the day was pretty good!
That is about it for my week! Again I am sorry that I don't have any pictures, but I hope you have a great week! Oh and ps I won't email until Wendesday next week! 
Love Elder Jordan Sorensen 

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