Monday, October 5, 2015

October 5, 2015

So i really had an amazing week. on monday we had an less active invite us to the Fort Scott Comunity Volley ball game. and we had no plans so we went and i caught a t shirt so thats exciting, but the best part was is that we talked to the lady next to us, and she was so interested. the bad news is she didnt live in fort scott, but we did give a referel to the area where she lived. Then we didnt have a whole lot going until conferance. I dont know about yall, but i loved conferance. it seriously was so amazing. i feel so silly for not paying more attention to it when i was younger. It was such an amazing experiance, because while i was listing i asked Elder Whitby a Question, and the very next speaker answered it in his talk. it was so amazing to have that happen. i invite all of you to re read over the talks and ask questions before you do. i know it will change your lives well thats all i have this week love you
Love Elder Sorensen 

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