Monday, October 12, 2015

October 12, 2015

This past week was a crazy week. On Monday we were in Joplin playing basketball and we played some rugby it was so much fun, then we stayed over there because Elder Whitby had to be in Bentonville in the Morning. So we went on Exchanges and I Was in Joplin with Elder Burkhart. We mostly passed along thank you cards,  we tried by some referrals, but none of them were home. We ended staying the night over there again. On Wednesday we had district meeting, so we drove from Joplin to there, and had a really great meeting. Then we went on exchanges with the Parsons elders, and Elder Perron came up to Fort Scott with me. We visited all the people that we handed out book of Mormons to and we set up some return apointments. The cool part of that day is we gave a blessing to this non members son who just got diagnosed with autisum. it was such an amazing experience. Then We exchanged back on Thursday, and I was so exchasuted because I haddent slept very well all week and I took a 4 hour nap. Elder Whitby thought I died, but after I woke up we went to our potentials named Tina and Ernie. The took the lesson, and actually liked what they heard, and now we have another appointment with them on Thursday. That wasn't even the best part of my week. On Sunday a member brought a friend to church, and she said that she had all intentions of joining this church. She signed up on the dinner callander to feed us, and she is starting the lessons tomorrow so I am so pumped for that. I am so excited for this coming week. I Love you all
Love Elder Sorensen

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