Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Hey Everyone! This week was a pretty good week! It was a long one because of the transfer week, but it was good! 
Monday- We had a pretty average Monday! We ended up going to Rolla because the Sisters needed me to do a baptism interview! That interview went really good! The Ladies name was Robin, and it really is such an awesome experience to be able to hear peoples testimonies in those interviews! the rest of the day was pretty normal, and nothing to exciting happened! 
Tuesday- We had a slow day at the Food Pantry this week! There is usually 65-120 people that come in for food, and this week there was only 15, so it was a super slow day there! A member gave us a $60 gift card for Subway last week, so we have eaten there so much, but Tuesday was pretty funny because the workers were really starting to recognize us, so we had some pretty funny conversations with them! At our dinner we ate with some less active members who think they are active, but it was so interesting because the whole time we were there the one lady was roasting on the Book of Mormon! She said she knows its good, but we should be more focused on the Bible! It was a pretty interesting dinner, and It kinda surprises me how some people in the church have some really interesting opinions! 
Wednesday- We had a World Wide Missionary Training Broadcast that we watched in St. Robert as a zone! We had a member give us a ride! He told us he was going to pick us up at our apartment at 9:20, and by 9:30 he wasnt there, so we gave him a call! He said "Ya I am planing on being there at 9! What time is it" I told him it was 9:30, and he rushed and still got us there on time, but it was kind of funny that he slept in! The Broadcast was amazing! Elders Oaks, Bednar, and Andersen, and a few members of the Seventy were there, and it was way good stuff! I learned so much! It mostly was about some teaching skills! They also made a few big announcements where we change the numbers we report, and also we have a slightly different schedule that is kind of hard to explain, but it is almost the same! After the meeting we went on exchanges, and Elder Smith came with me up to Sullivan! It was pretty good! We had an amazing lesson with Andrew and Angel! It was seriously one of the top 5 lessons of my mission! It was amazing!!!!
Thursday- We exchanged back, and it was fun to go with Elder Smith, but he is a little different, so it was good to go back with Elder Durrant! We had a Missionary Coordination Meeting with our Ward Mission Leader after that, and that went pretty good! We were able to discus some things that we really needed to! For dinner we had Spaghetti, and mom this will blow you away, but as I was eating it I realized that I actually kind of enjoy spaghetti! Its not my favorite food, but I defiantly dont hate it anymore! 
Friday- We had a drive through food pantry on Friday called the Mobile Market! It was pretty fun! I pushed shopping carts around from the end of the line to the beginning of the line! It was a workout! I had to push 3 carts at a time, and I did it for about 4 hours, so by the end I was pretty beat! It was good though we helped a ton of people with food, and that is really what matters! Friday evening we played basketball with some random people at the out door basketball courts! It was pretty funny, like normal they looked at us in our white shirts and ties, and told us they would take it easy on us, and then we WORKED them! It was great! 
Saturday- We went with a member and finished cutting the wood that we didnt finish last week, and it was just as hard as it was last week! This time there was less of us, so we had to do a little bit more work, but it was good stuff, and we got lunch out of it! We also helped a member work on his, and his dads vehicles! One was a 1950s jeep, and the other was a old willies Pickup truck, so that was fun to work on them! It kind of reminded me of My Grandpa Sorensen's cars that he works on!
Sunday- I had the worst dream ever Saturday night/ Sunday Morning! It was Jesus visited a Conference that I was at, and he was talking to everyone, but some how he skipped me, so I went outside to bawl my eyes out, and he was there, and he put his arm around me and started to talk, and instantly the alarm went off, and I developed a new hatred for the Alarm clock! Church was pretty good on Sunday! Except for the fact that like half our ward was Sick, so all the meetings were super small! 
Monday- We had District meeting, and that went alright! It was kind of rough President Loveland has been giving some really specific, and interesting topics for the meetings! They are hard to expound on! the meeting went alright considering the hard topic! 
Tuesday- We had to make a trip half way to Rolla to meet the Sisters because I forgot to sign the baptismal form! Then the long awaited Transfer calls came Tuesday night! Elder Durrant is staying in Sullivan, and he is training a brand new missionary! I am being transferred to Poteau (Said Po Toe) Oklahoma! i am going to be in a Trio, and I will be with Elder Butler, and Elder Olsen! The cool part is Elder Olsen is Nathan Olsen as in a kid who lived right next door to me for 3 or so years! So that is kind of crazy!! 
Well that is my week! I hope you all have a great week, and I love and miss you all
Elder Sorensen 

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