Monday, January 9, 2017

January 9, 2017

Hey everyone! This week was another week in the books! It defiantly was a good one! I am not going to lie it was not looking the best, as a matter of fact it was looking pretty boring, but as the week went on it got better and better, so I will just take you through it!  
Monday- It was the definition of boring! We ended up staying in Sullivan, and the whole day we were trying to get these work out videos ( <----Ill get to those in a second!)! But we were on the computer at the church, and the internet is so SLOW!!!  We had this one video we were trying to download at it was a 30 minute video, and we sat there for an hour and a half watching it go sooooo slow, and then it failed! So after a few frustrating attempts, we called up a member, and asked to do it on their computer! In 30 minutes we had all 12 videos all downloaded an ready to go, so that was good to get them all ready so fast! 
Tuesday- Now to those workout videos! We got the workout called Insanity! I dont know if you have ever herd of it, but it is tough! We just tried to jump right in on Tuesday morning, and I almost died! I was so close to throwing up, but thankfully i held it in! Elder Durrant was doing just as bad as me, so I didnt feel to bad! So we did this workout every morning this week except Sunday because it has a calendar for us to follow, and it tells us what videos to do, and it gives us one break day! Every morning we wake up at 6 and go do it, and let me tell you it has been hard, but it is getting easier! After we showered, and had our usual morning stuff! Then we had the Food Pantry that we always go to, and it was awesome! We helped a ton of people! It was way cool, but we also had a ton extra, so we got to take some stuff home which is always nice! For lunch we had a member take us out to McDonalds, and it was kind of crazy there was a fight going on right after we got there! It was just a yelling fight between a boyfriend, His girlfriend who went  in the bathroom, and a manager who got involved! Everything sorted its self out after a few minutes, but it was kind of intense for a second! We did a lot of Less active work, and had an opportunity to give a few blessing the rest of the day! 
Wednesday- We had a district meeting, and it was pretty small! There was only 6 of us there, so that was kind of lame! The meeting went ok though! We talked about obedience, and it was pretty good! The rest of the day was good! We kept up the less active work, but nothing to crazy happened!
Thursday- When we left to work out there was snow on the ground! That is always a good thing to wake up to! In the afternoon we had an apartment inspection from the mission, and it will please some of you to know that we passed with 100%! We had to do a little touch of things while they were there, but they were like scrubbing the toilet with this bar that was basically a soft rock! Other then little things like that we did great! That night we had a meeting with our Bishop, and our Ward Mission Leader! Sullivan doesnt have a Ward Mission plan, and our mission is really pushing those right now, so we met with them to try and get them to have the desire to make one! The meeting was about 2 hours, and I honestly did feel like we got anywhere! The meeting was so scrambled! 
Friday- We went out to a town about 30 minutes away to visit with a less active that lives out there! He is pretty interesting! He smokes, and keeps telling us he is trying to quit, bu he really hasnt shown a sign that he is! We had a decent lesson with him though, and we read a chapter out of the Book of Mormon, and he seemed to like it! When we got back to Sullivan we had to pick up some dry cleaning! I had to clean 2 suites because They were both pretty dusty! They are both looking CLEAN right now! We were just getting done with dinner when this youth pastor from another church called us! He asked us to come help them put together chairs they just bought! They are all cool people, so we went to help! It was crazy we put together like 300 chairs! I got the job of putting in screws! It was pretty fun, but after a while the wrists were getting a little sore! It is always fun to help other people!
Saturday- We helped a less active move some big furniture! It was kind of funny she was getting the stuff from other people! So we had a lot of stopping and starting! While we were taking the last load to her house this computer desk thing flew out of the truck, and exploded on the ground honestly it was the best part of the move! That was really the only part of Saturday that was too interesting
Sunday- It was our rest day for our work out, which means we got to sleep in a half an hour, and that was soooo good!  Church was good! It was Fast Sunday, so there is a lot of good and bad that comes with that! The good stuff that happend was First i guess that our message about a ward mission plan got through because in Ward Council, and in Sacrament out Bishop said something about it, so hopefully that starts to go through! John, Our recent convert received the Aaronic Priesthood, and that is such a good feeling to be apart of that! He also got his Limited Use Temple recommend! That means that We actually get to go to the Temple with Him tomorrow, but it gets better! The way that our rides work out we get to go at 10 am, and we wont leave until 7pm, so we get to spend the Whole day in the Temple!! I am so excited for that!
Well that was my week! This coming week will be a good one! I hope you all have a great week! I love and miss you!!
Elder Sorensen 

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