Monday, October 10, 2016

October 10, 2016

Hey yall
This week has been a way good week! On Monday we went to Rolla, and met up with the Salem Missionaries, Elders Hess and Walker! They are way cool! We played basketball, and then after we went and rode penny boards! They are like longboards, but just barley long enough to put both feet on! IT was way fun! We are going to go again today! Tuesday was kind of a weird day! We did service at that food pantry that we do every week, and there was this girl that was helping there today who was way weird, and she kept  asking us weird questions! She was a girl who was doing hard core dugs like 6 months ago, and is trying to quit! So she is still messed up! It was funny to hear her try and keep conversations going! It made the time fly by a lot faster though! After we helped out there we had to go change into our shirts and ties, because we had an appointment! Well they didnt answer their door, and then a less active member called and asked us to help her move! We changed back into our service clothes, and then helped her move! We then changed back into shirt and ties after that to go to dinner! Then a member asked us to help him go and get some furniture, and move it to his house! Which means we had to change again! It was a crazy day! I am glad that it doesn't happen like that every day! Wednesday we did not have a lot planned, so we went and did a bunch of tracting! I actually really enjoyed it! We got a few potential investigators that I am really excited for! On Thursday we had a zone training meeting! It was a pretty good meeting! I really like our zone! There are a lot of way cool missionaries! Every single companionship was changed this time, so it is kind of like being in a new zone! I really like everyone that is in our zone! Friday and Saturday we had a lot of tracting agian, and its been such a blessing to have that! It is so cool to see the blessings from going out and knocking on doors! Saturday night we had a BBQ with some members, and the invited some people from out of town, and there was this really funny guy who i sat and talked with the whole time! I dont remember his name, but I had such a good time with him! Every night except Sunday we go to the out door basketball courts, and play pick up games with people from 8 to 9 because we have been struggling to get appointments at that time, and we cant really tract, so we go and play them, and try to teach them! it has been a ton of fun! Sunday It was Elder Durrant's First Day at church, so he got to meet everyone! It was a pretty good Sacrament meeting! During 2nd hour a teacher didnt show up, so a guy asked us to come help him teach! We taught Sunday School for 14 to 18 year olds! It was way funny he is an Awful teacher! He gave some weird stories, and some weird examples, but it was super entertaining! The rest of the night was pretty normal night! ANd That was my week!
I love and miss yall so much
Elder Sorensen

The first one is of a guy named Victor! He is a weird guy, but way funny
The Second one is of one of the only people in Missouri that is a democrate she is a member
The third one is me and Elder Durrant

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