Monday, August 29, 2016

August 29, 2016

Hey yall
This week was a pretty good week! On Monday we went down to Osage beach, and we played sand volleyball as a zone! It was a blast! We have a really cool zone! There are a lot of cool missionaries! On Tuesday we did some service at this food pantry thing, and there was this one lady who was working with us, and it was her fist time, and it was my first time as well! She kept asking me what to do, and everytime i would tell her it is my first time here, and she just kept asking me questions, but it was way funny! On Wednesday we had district meeting, and it was pretty fun! I really hope everyone starts to participate just a little bit more though lol! Elder Wilde also taught me how to solve a rubics cube on Wednesday!  Thursday was a slow day! We just never got anything really going! We ended up driving out to a far less actives house to try and get something going, but it will still a fun day i guess! On Friday we did some service for a member, and we were moving old rotted 2 by 6s! In this pile of boards was pretty much any bug you can name, and then some! There was even 2 or 3 corn snakes! It was pretty intense to try and avoid all the bugs! Saturday was kind of a boring day as well! We helped some members clean the church, and that was fun! Sunday was a pretty normal day of Church as well! We had 4 investigators at church,and they were all younger than 12, so we went to primary for 2nd hour, and helped their teacher teach them! IT was way fun! Then we went over to a priest's house! On Tuesday he was in a really bad car wreck! He has a really bad concussion, and he messed up his back, and he broke 4 or 5 ribs! We just went to visit him, but he was in a way good mood, so we ended up playing Uno with him and his family! it was way good! Well that was my week! I hope yall are doing good! I love you and miss you all
Elder Sorensen

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