Monday, June 13, 2016

June 13, 2016

Hey Yall!
This week was pretty good! We have had a ton of Car troubles! It seems like one problem after another keeps happening to our car! It started leaking coolant again, so we are going to get a new one! I am kinda excited for that! The week was a pretty normal week! The offical date that we set for our next baptism is June 26th, so i am way excited about that!! This week was also HOT!! On wednesday Ciera asked to hike up Sperrowhawk with her! so we went up there and had a lesson! I had to come back to the apartment and change because my clothes were SOAKED! I sweated so much! It was like 96 dagrees, and humid, so it was way hot! The lesson was pretty good though! On Friday it was Zone Conference, and it went pretty good! We had 3 zones together, and i got to meet a lot of really cool missionaries! I had fun, but it was kinda long! We had to be there at 8 and didnt get done until 3:45 so it was long, but good! Then on Sunday I got the amazing Opertunity to Confirm Ciera! It was way cool! Tomorrow we get to go to the Oklahoma City Temple, so I am way excited for that! I love you and miss you all
Elder Sorensen 

Cierra after she got baptized.


Oklahoma City Temple

Tulsa Zone Meeting

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