Monday, November 23, 2015

November 23, 2015

So this week was a pretty crazy week. Last monday we went bowling, and that was a ton of fun. we bowled 6 games, and just had a blast together. our whole district was there. Then Tuesday we had to go down to joplin, because a elder in our zone is in a bike area, and he has a bad hip, so he was having problems, so they had an emergency transfer, and we got to go down to help. When i got there the assistants told me that i should be doing some work while they sort the whole thing out, so i went with a elder, and we went biking, and let me tell you i became so grateful for the car, and will never complain that it is a piece of crap ever again. Then on Wednesday we had District meeting. Well Elder Thompson and Elder Whitby had to go down to joplins District meeting, so they took Pittsburgs truck down there. Well as time for our meeting was getting close. we realized that when they took the truck they also took the keys to the church with them. We started calling all the members in pittsburg who would have a key, and no one would answer,  or could give them to us. Finally we had the idea to just go to the public library, and have our meeting in one of the conference rooms there. the meeting went pretty good, and we went on Exchanges that day to. Elder Barton came up from Neosho, and Elder whitby went down there. We had a good time up in Fort Scott. Nothing to crazy happend. Then the week was kinda slow untill Saturday We helped our branch mission leader move. he is an 84 year old man, and his wife died last year, so he wanted to move home with his kids, so we packed him up all day, and he made it to texas at 11 pm that night. that was kinda sad to see him go. then yesterday We had almost a complete remodel of our branch. We got a new relief society president, and a new primary president, and a new Elders quram president, and a new young mens president, and they released our branch mission leader, and we should get a new one next week. Elder whiby aslo had a meeting in Joplin, so i went with Elder Moore in Pittsburg. that actually wasnt to bad untill a few minuites before Elder whitby got back. After he got back the assistance came with him, and came up with us and blitzed our area. Which means two or more sets of missionaries in one area. that went pretty good. Today we are playing flour ball so i wont get to email a lot today. but this next week should be just as crazy as last week. anyway ill let yall go. I love you
Love Elder Sorensen

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