Monday, September 21, 2015

September 21, 2015

Hey yall
Well if you remember my email from two weeks ago i said i had some poison ivy and it went away, well little did i know that it did not. it got really bad last monday and i broke out in hives all over my arm. that was really fun, but i got it taken care of, and it is slowly going away. But how we got the hives to go aways is very interesting. THis guy burnt an onion, and rubbed it all over my arm. the swelling and itching almost instinatly gone away. it was really crazy. We have had a very busy week. last sunday Elder Whitby had to be in joplin at 4 so we drove down there and then drove back up to fort scoot. then on monday we played flourball. So we had to be in joplin at 9:30 in the morning. Then we drove back to fort scott. then on tuesday Elder Whitby had to be in Bentonville at 8 in the morning so we left fort scott at 5 in the morning and meet in joplin at 6:20. Then i had to go with Elder Burkhart to neosha which is another half an hour away. and me and him spent the day there. We tracted all day. WE just walked and walked. Then after all that driving  i thought we were done. but i was wrong. we had to drove to joplin on saturday because it is stake confreence this week so we had to be there for the adult session. THis week has been great though. a investigator who dropped us is talking about meeting with us again which is so great. i would like to invite you to read a poem called "The Touch of the Masters Hand" i dont remember who wrote it, and i would quote it for you, but it is way to long. Yall need to read it, because it really is so good. I love yall
Love Elder Sorensen

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