Thursday, July 23, 2015

July 23, 2015

Hey Mom.
today is finally P Day. This place is really so amazing. I have had a lot of fun, and i have also learned sooooo much. I never thought i would grow this much. my testimony has grown so much. Like i said Elder Peterson is my companion, and I really like him. He is so strong in the gospel, and he is so much fun. We have balanced having fun, and learning. I am having such a great time here.  The days are flying by. We have 2 three hour classes everyday, but i know Heavenly Father is helping it make them so they are so good. In my district we have Elder Evenson, He is from Canada, and he is going to Las Vegas West mission. He is our district leader, and he is so amazing. I really like him to. We also have Elder Nicholas, He is from Oregon, he is also going to Las Vegas West. He is so funny. Everything he says is funny in some way. He is really gonna be a great missionary. Next we have Elder Sweetnum. He is from Seattle and is also going to Las Vegas. He has such a strong testimony, and is really such a great kid. Next we have Elder Baker. He is from idaho. and going to Las Vegas He is the hardest to get a long with. he has a good knowledge, but he acts like he is better than everyone else. But its ok i guess. Next we have Sister Brodhead, and Sister Kimbel. im not sure where they are from, but they are going to St louis. Next i got elder Grey he is so funny and i really like him. Lastly is Elder Wakefield. I really like him to. we have a lot of fun. We fly out on Wednesday Morning at 7:20 so i will have to call and talk to you either before then or after we get into atlanta. We fly to there, and then go to Fayetteville and drive to Bentonville. I am so excited, and i Love you all so much. You will have to get me everyones emails, because i didnt get them before i leave. i need Kenzis  and Sheridans and grandma d's
I love all of you more than you know, and tell bryson that i love him to and that he is a really good kid. i might get to email again today at 1:30ish
Elder Sorensen

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