Monday, August 17, 2015

August 17, 2015

Hey Yall
this week was a better week. last Monday we played basketball for 5 hours at the stake center and really had a lot of fun. it was good to go and play ball with all of them. on Tuesday we handed out 3 book of Mormons and we got 3 potential investigators so it was really such a great day. on Thursday I started to work out and I really am liking it. it makes me way tired, but it is really nice.  we changed a starter on Friday, and it took all day so that was kinda rough but it was all good. on Saturday we did service all day. I didn't get done with service until 5:30 so that was kinda fun. because we started at 8 in the morning. then sunday was not to interesting. just remember that when you are feeling like your falling down the bast way to get back up is get on your knew. I love you guys
Elder Sorensen

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